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By Renee Christel Rispin x

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A little bit about Peonie & Me x

At 25 weeks pregnant I feel...
incredibly blessed and extremely naive. I honestly thought my journey to motherhood would put me in touch with my inner woman, release my yummy mummy, and come all wrapped up in a pregnancy glow. When in actual fact I've been plagued with pains in places I didn't believe to exist, developed the scent of 10 wolves and battled with my bodies desire to slow down. 

My little monkey (named so after our first scan when it was using my uterus as a spring board for its gymnastics) already has a love of music, busting its moves during Strictly and nightly roley poleys. Despite my aches and pains (and a dramatic case of a Gastric Bug at 24 weeks) our little groover is growing beautifully and I feel blessed. 

I would describe my pregnancy style as...
understated chic. I wish...If it comes in black, 50 shades of grey or breton inspired, my bump approves and so do I. Luckily my love of ballet pumps and flats has helped my transition from heels, however I do miss the point of a court. Having recently 'popped', well my bump has finally surpassed my growing breasts, I am trying to balance my love of being 'on-trend' with embracing my new curves.

The next 4 months...
will be filled with a new house move, Christmas celebrations and the birth of our little monkey. I want to share my journey to motherhood in my own unique honest and sometimes overly dramatic way, with a little nod to fashion and my lifestyle choices. 

My top 5 Maternity must haves are...
1. Topshop Indigo Leigh Skinny Jeans with under bump. However they have to be fresh out of the machine, they do have a tendency to grow throughout the day.
Topshop Indigo Leigh Jeans x

2. M&S Total Support Non-Wired Full Cup Bra (note. don't let your SO/OH/DH see it, not in the least bit sexy, but it changed my life).

3. Mumalicious Space Dye Joggers and 3/4 Sleeve Space Dye Top. The perfect weekend lounge wear with a cool Scandinavian contemporary feel.
Mumalicious Space Dye Set x
Mumalicious Space Dye Top x

4. H&M's Basic Mama Tees - Great Value and teamed with my old trusty blazers, are perfect for staying smart at work. I call it my Zara cheat.
5. Chanel Nail Polishes  - when you can't embrace new trends (because pregnant woman don't want to look fashionable, apparently) or this seasons crop inspired tops (obvious reasons), adding a touch of colour to my nails is instant colour pop.

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