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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pregnancy yoga and breathing techniques x

"I will breathe slowly & deeply to relax my muscles & bring oxygen to our baby" x

Armed with my yoga mat, comfy pillow, warm blanket & pregnant best friend, tonight I am off to Pool of Life Pregnancy Yoga. Taken by the super lovely Marion O'Connor in my local Village gym, this class has become my little weekly baby bonding stretch. 

"Pregnancy yoga provides an oasis of calm in which to nurture yourself and your baby
Practising pregnancy yoga makes you fit, strong and well-prepared using exclusively appropriate exercises.
It can help build confidence and facilitate a natural birth. I have a wealth of experience in the field of pre-natal yoga and aim to make the classes practical, fun and informative". 

This is my first 'mummy to be' activity and one that I luckily get to share with my closest friend (37 weeks & blooming gorgeous) and other bump carrying ladies.

Each week the class specialises in different themes, however it's the breathing and relaxation that mostly appeals to me. Having a stressful job, my SPD and pending house move, everything is starting to take its toll on my usual happy go lucky attitude. Additionally the breathing techniques promise to prepare me physically and emotionally for labour along with a series gentle active techniques. I say gentle as due to my dodgy pelvis, I've yet to master the Pink Panther walk, which promises to ease my baby out. 

My favourite part of the class (Jules obviously you're a given) is the Golden breath technique. During your exhalation you visualise a golden thread leaving a small partition in your lips and this thread surrounds your baby, wrapping it in love. How lovely a thought is that?

Having taken Yoga whilst trying to conceive with my husband, I believe that it contributes to you shutting out the world and relaxing. As someone obsessed with baths, reading, surrounding myself with candles and snuggling up on the sofa, I hope I can get to that same place during labour. However I do lack a pain threshold so I will not be punishing myself if I resort to medical means. 

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