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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year from Peonie, Me & Little Monkey x

#todayimsnugasabuginarug sitting in my Matalan pink thermals (oh so comfy) fluffy sleepers and smelling delish after a shower in Di Paloma White Grate & Aloe smellies. Happy new year.

I'm going to be a Mum this year, woohoo. What better way to bring in the New Year knowing our little family is literally weeks away.

After a very stressful house move, followed by a very chilled Christmas break at the Inlaws, today is the first real day my husband and I have fully relaxed. I even managed a well derserved snooze on the sofa (thank you Top Gear). 

Which leads me perfectly onto my New Year Resolution post, or my little mini goals of 2015...

1. Embrace relaxation methods for my water birth experience. Such as Hypno birth, my pregnancy yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques and creating a calm oasis at home. However remain open minded to unexpected experiences during birth. 

2. Post baby I will need to start thinking about getting my body back. Living 30 minutes away from my best friend (currently 1 day overdue with her 1st baby) and my mum via foot, I'm hoping to walk off some weight. I hope to be back to my pre-baby weight before Christmas.

3. Another important goal for me once our baby comes is to develop a baby/husband life balance. Due to my SPD our previous healthy sex life has diminished and due to aches and pains, romantic dates are also low on the agenda. I hope to embrace the bath/feed/bed routine with a Little Monkey so I get to spend time with the hubby. 

4. We are finally in our new house, yet it still feels like the previous owners home. We've luckily decorated our bedroom which is our little haven, however still lacks our personal touches. We hope to get this house feeling more homely before our baby comes. 

5. One of the main reasons we bought this house was due to the gorgeous garden. This summer I hope to host a summer BBQ for friends & family. We will also be planning a christening, therefore could potentially combine the two. 

Feel free to share with me your goals & aspirations for this year x

This post is in memory of Lollipop my loving pet rabbit, you are missed so much x

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