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Friday, 9 January 2015

Tips on moving house whilst pregnant x

"I carried a watermelon..."
Dirty Dancing
Home Sweet Home x
Apparently pregnant women shouldn't carry anything heavier than a watermelon. I've no idea where I read this information, but having shared it with my husband, he's holding it against me.  Everything weighs more this hefty fruit in his eyes, including bed pillows and duvets.

Obviously I want to put baby first, so carrying boxes between rooms is a no go. Also stripping walls, painting and glossing as well as furniture building are also out of bounds. So I feel useless and I can't help but wonder (little SATC Carrie reference there) would more be done if I could get stuck in?

If like my husband and I, you have moved house while pregnant, here are some useful tips I've found online:

Preparation & Planning
Before the move I became a box labelling obsessive. Everything that could be boxed pre-completion date, was clearly labelled with its contents. However the important items such as kitchenware, underwear (I can't bring myself to label my new massive bras and pants lingerie) and toiletries, were not labelled. Therefore we ate dinner from tea cups, washed everything with Simple soup (me) and purchased new undergarments (him). 

Stay Happy & Healthy
Picture the scene...
Friday night after work, wind howling, rain coming down and shattered after a week of work. New keys to hand and mixed feelings of emotions, we enter our most expensive purchase to date. Only to be welcomed with strange smells, weird noises and cupboards full of the previous owners crockery, food, toiletries and quite frankly a load of household tat. I felt like we had invaded someone else's home and this feeling ruined my excitement. I wish now looking back I had put on more of a brave face, as these mixed emotions took their toll on my husband and I. If it gets overwhelming, take a step back and keep your eyes on the prize.

Accept Help
I've no idea what we would have done without the help of family, friends and Nick our neighbour. They not only gave up their early morning to help us move, they also worked into the night to help make the house feel like home. I had to embrace the fact that I was tea lady, project manager (I pointed a lot) and chief (thank goodness for take aways). Everything was in the wrong room, but baby was happily nested in safe and sound. 

Envision your New House 
It doesn't smell of you, the decor is not to your taste and you are unearthing DIY disasters. This is the moment you buy up home and decoration magazines, create a Pinterest board and start mentally redesigning your house. My biggest tip is to light lots of candles at night, scented ones instantly refresh and the warm glow at night hides a multitude of sins. 

Feel free to share your house moving tips whilst pregnant or with children x

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