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Friday, 27 February 2015

I fear I'm going to cough this poor baby out x

Following my baby shower on the weekend, my lovely baby bubble was throughly burst when I caught a nasty cough and cold from one of the guests (I suspect both Mother and Godmother). 

Other than my SPD, I have been very healthy throughout my pregnancy, therefore it was a major shock to the system to catch a bug. Especially with spring just around the corner, I mean I had survived winter had I not? 

The cold aspect of the virus thankfully knew to keep quiet, unfortunately the cough presented itself like a drama queen stealing the limelight in all its hacking glory.  I'm talking tummy shaking, side aching, chest burning, baby waking, and all that jazz. At one point I honestly thought the baby was going to fire out of my tummy and hit the ceiling...ta da...

The constant amount of strain on my stomach has caused me to pull a muscle just were Little Monkey's back is laying.  Therefore causing it to feel unbelievably sensitive, especially at night when I'm already struggling with my Mount Everest of pillows to get comfy.

Pre-baby I had it down to an art form to kill a cold/cough in 3 days.  My rigorous routine involved: Morning - Berocca followed by Lemsip.  Lunch - fresh orange and hot soup - Afternoon - Lemsip. Evening - a super hot curry and straight to bed wrapped up like a mummy to sweat it out.  

Unfortunately my lovely Lemsip has been replaced with hot honey and lemon, which doesn't have the same magical powers as the former.  Thankfully Hall's soothers are on hand to take the edge off the cough, but it still hurts terribly when an attack takes place.  Its even driven my husband and I to take turns on the sofa to try and get some sleep.  No easy escape for Little Monkey who I fear will come out with its fingers permanently in its ears.  

But at Day 5 I'm starting to feel a little more clear headed and I no longer need to hold onto my stomach for dear life.  Fingers crossed this virus hits the road before the baby makes an appearance, otherwise I will be coughing the poor thing out. x 

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