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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The day we went back to bed x

"One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness".
Jackie Kennedy

Since going on Maternity leave, I vowed to live everyday like it was my last before returning to my 9-5.  Little Monkey and I are up, out and dressed most days.  Whether its for a bonding baby led groups such as Sing & Sign, or just for a walk in our Village, we get out.

But Monday everything just got too much and I declared a Mummy & Baby PJ day.  Wearing our printed finest, comic strip (Henry) florals (Moi), we climbed into his (oh soooo comfy) crib, added some teddies and snuggled up.  Ewan the sheep provided the background soundtrack to our mellow day (I forgot how much I love Ewan).  Beatrice Potter provided the daytime stories and the teddies added, well, they made everything look soft and pretty.  
The culprit of my day of sorrow?  Sleep regression (cue red faced emoji).  Henry for the past 2 weeks has decided 5 hour stints in the evening is "so last month mummy" and 90 minutes is all he needs.  His regression turned into my depression as night after night I feel like I'm being dragged from the dead to either feed, shhhh, or cuddle.  Its not until the morning when I see the pile of bottles discarded around the house, that I realise how many times I was actually up.  Ooo thats one for Tracey Emin.

So what is sleep regression Mr Google?

The 4 month sleep regression marks a permanent change in your baby’s sleeping habits.  As your baby’s brain matures, around the 4 month mark, her sleeping patterns change – they become more like yours. Now, she is cycling between light and deep sleep – just like you. When you look at it this way, it’s clear that the 4 month sleep regression is a very normal, very healthy developmental milestone, just like learning to walk and talk.

Perfect, so Henry is ticking another development milestone, whilst I'm operating on little or no sleep on a daily basis. And did I mention I've given up caffeine this week? Read Here

Fortunately for me however, when the going gets tough I can climb into a crib and get some shut eye during the day.  Unfortunately for Daddy, "I have to go and do 9 hours at work".  Therefore he has his own theory on getting back to sleep, "I think he should go in his own room" and "I think he's hungry, lets start weaning".  Cue sense of being overwhelmed, quick Henry lets hide out in your cot.

New parental guidelines state 6 months for both weaning and moving baby into their own room, however this differs from family to family.  "Oh when you were little it was 1 month, 2 months, 3 months...." Its an overwhelming mind field of information, when is the right time?  

I asked my lovely NCT mummies and they are all sticking to the 6 month mark on both, however family members think I should "add a little Rusk to their milk at night".  I'm still waiting for my Health Visitor to call me back for advice. 

Now its Wednesday and I'm sticking to my guns (sorry Daddy) and waiting to ride out this Sleep thingy.  Henry is only just starting to embrace a nighttime routine, therefore I think its too soon to move him out into the big bad world (well his rather lovely jungle themed room). And as for weaning, he is not yet showing signs he is ready for puree delights or baby led finger buffets.  Therefore I will continue to enjoy my tidy kitchen until then.  

When Little Monkey and I finally emerged from our little cot oasis, we both had a gorgeous 2 hour sleep and all was good with the world again.  Well until next month...

I'd love to hear your sleep regression stories...x 
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