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By Renee Christel Rispin x

About Peonie & Me x

Exceeding expectation is exhilarating. Don’t ever think you can’t take another step.
Frances Morris, Director Tate Modern  

When I wake up… Henry is usually snuggled up next to me with his little legs jammed into my tummy or back.  When he wakes he is incredibly snuggly and cuddly… it’s my favourite part of the day.

Motherhood has taught me… it’s ok to not always get it right, as tomorrow you won’t make that mistake again.  As your little ones grow and develops; I believe I grow as a parent too.  

Before Henry came into our lives… my life evolved around fashion.  Having worked in fashion buying and styling, I lived and breathed new trends, key looks and must have items.  Since then I can’t remember the last time I divulged into the pages of a glossy.  

I would describe my style as... ‘work in progress’.   My body shape since having Henry has changed and so has my everyday lifestyle.  I believe that I need to start loving my and my new body and then my new style will click into place.  Until then, I’m all about oversized knits and a stripe tee.

Balancing a full time job with motherhood has… been a balancing act of sorts.  Not so much with the day-to-day routine, but with the emotions that come with Mummy guilt.  As long as my son is loved and knows he is loved, I think I’ve perfected the right balance in life.  

I became a blogger because… My husband inspired me too.  He saw something in me and my writing and encouraged me to start publishing my words online.  Its now become a part of me and I will be forever grateful for him believing in me.  

Peonie & Me is... a celebration of motherhood and hopefully a journey into re-discovering who I am as a person.  It's also an opportunity to embrace a new 'Mummy Style' and hopefully guide other Mum's into working out, what suits 

Renee @PeonieandMe x

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