Meet our Little Monkey x

Today I wanted to introduce the new love of my life, my new constant companion and our future little Olympic gymnast. Weighing in at around 1.7lbs at 25wks and around the size of a Turnip, our little monkey is growing and developing perfectly.

Our little Monkey sucking its thumb at 20 weeks x

Due  the 14th March 2015, my husband and I are incredibly excited about our new chapter in life as parents. The next few weeks we will be moving into our first new home (mortgage & all) ready to bring home our baby next year.


So why little monkey? From our first ever scan at 12 weeks, our little one was already using my uterus as a play gym, jumping around my tummy. I’ll never forget how active it was throughout the scan and how the midwife had to capture it in the corner to take the pics. Even now nearing the end of my 2nd trimester, our baby appears to never sleep and is constantly shaking its moves in mummy.


Getting pregnant wasn’t the honeymoon ending I imagined, it actually took 10 months of romantic getaways, couples yoga, peeing on sticks, upside down leg raising and more tears than one lifetime. Looking back if we had just enjoyed being newly wedded and relaxed, our baby probably would have come sooner. ¬†However, try telling that to my ticking clock (I’m 33) and my overwhelming desire to be a Mum. In the end, all it took was a weekend at Ascot, sparkling champagne and my new Whistles dress (honestly) that finally relaxed us. Or maybe it was the blow-up bed? X

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