Back to School with NCT x

Last Saturday the hubby and I attended our first NCT class at a local Church Hall. 

“NCT antenatal classes are a great way to find answers to all your questions about labour, birth, being a very new parent and looking after and feeding your new baby”.

Initially we were going to attend out local NHS classes, however they didn’t offer the level of information we hoped for. Being a previous member of NCT, my mother in law spoke highly of the charity and recommended we give the classes a go. She advised that not only was it highly informative from birth and beyond, but we could potentially meet a new support group of friends. 

Currently daunted by the prospect of being a first time Dad, the informative side appealed to my husband. Whilst the opportunity to build a new support group of women who could become friends after birth, really appealed to me.

So armed with our birth ball, comfy pillow, snacks and our notebook, we headed to our first class. We walked into the church hall to be greeted by a semi circle of smiling parents to be and a lovely course tutor called Wena.

The class started with tea & biscuits and a good old fashioned couple swapping ice breaker. Mixing up the group took the nervousness away and come the first break, it felt comfortable getting to know each other.

In those 4 hours we covered everything from packing our hospital bag, early signs of labour, positions for birth and the birthing process. This involved a mixture of diagrams, photographs of previous births and the good old doll in a pelvis. However the highlight of the afternoon was receiving a massage from the men and relaxing to some meditation. It was the perfect way to end the day and we all left with chilled smiles on our faces.

We are looking forward to this weekends class x

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