What to put in your hospital bag… tips from friends x

If like me you googled ‘Hospital Bag’ you instantly become overwhelmed by military like checklists  from a billion websites. Therefore rather than packing everything but the kitchen sink, I took a little note from my friends and asked them…

What was your baby bag must have and why?

For baby you don’t need baby wipes, lotions and potions, as your babies skin is brand new. You just need cotton wool and water on their sensitive skin. Also use Bepanthen over Sudocrem and only when needed. Sudocrem is an oil based cream that traps everything against the babies skin, for example any left over wee.



Pampers New Baby Nappies, Boots Baby Essential Cotton Wool Balls & Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment x

That’s such a difficult question, I will instead answer what would have caused me to go insane without it on my first night. My iPad and playlist. There is no TV in the room and the night is long and lonely if its a constant feed.  I also found that because I gave birth so late in the night, they only offer you tea and toast following the birth. Your OH is sent home and the hospital canteen is closed. Therefore pack food just in case.                                                                                                    


Maternity pads for obvious reasons. Shortly followed by black pjs and knickers, due to item number one. Number one item not to take, Lucozade. I was told to pack it for long labours if you are drained or tired, not for moments of panic in back to back contractions like I had. 


Asda’s Little Angles Maternity Towels & Little Angels Maternity Briefs x

I froze bottles of water and took them in a small cool bag from Tesco, this was fab as you have constant fresh cold water. Also take some dry shampoo incase you are not up to washing your hair.

I would get baby grows with the bits that come over their hands. When the babies are first born the nails can be sharp so they can scratch themselves.  The scratch mitts looks silly and never stay on.


Mamas & Papas Babygrows with hidden mittens x

Flip flops for the shower are a must, straws for drinks in case you have a C Section and you can’t move. Vaseline to banish those dry lips and mascara to make you look and feel human again. 


Best item. A brown towel for first shower. It definitely didn’t show the blood. Maternity towels and big, big knickers were also useful. And a lovely big blanket to wrap your baby up in.


Knitted Cardigan, hat and blanket for taking baby home in x

I second that. Get lots of HUGE knickers. I just bought tones of cheap ones and threw them away like disposables as they were comfier. First time around it was flip flops so I didn’t have to put my feet on shower/bathroom floor. I didn’t want to stand in anything, yuk. Or get my slippers wet. Second time I packed a maternity tankini for my water birth.


Number one item has to be your phone (more to pass the time). Plenty of changes of clothes incase you have an extended stay, however hubby can collect more from home. 


Definitely breast pads and mahoosive sanitary towels. I also used the throwaway disposable knickers from Mothercare as I just binned them after each wear. They were not attractive but done the trick. I’d also say a nice comfortable outfit to travel home in. And I wished I remembered my V pillow. 


Boots Washable Breast Pads & Boots Disposable Briefs x 

Hand cream because you change nappies and wash hands so much your hands get sore. Straws are a must during labour for drinks and chilled out music. 


What are your baby essential tips? x

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