Why I’m going to eat my placenta x

Following our first NCT class we discussed the benefits of eating our placenta following the birth of our Little ones. As you can imagine the faces of the class showed a mixture of shock, disgust and horror (mostly the men). However when we found out that our placentas could be encapsulated, I sat back to be educated on this medical marvel.

The placenta has become a crucial post-birth ingredient in the battle to ward off post-natal depression and cope with those overwhelming first few months. Having your placenta encapsulated into easy-to-pop pills are said to provide an energy boost, restore iron levels, and help breast-milk production.

Wena our NCT coach backed up this information with stories from previous members of her group, they each all had positive effects from taking these pills. 

Ive been lucky to find a North West based lady who will not only take my placenta the same day as the birth, but will also blend a fruit based smoothie for me to drink before they are ready. I’ve been reassured it just tastes of fruit. The cost is £120 which in the scheme of what we’ve spent on our Little Monkey so far, seems like a bargain for a post baby energy boost. x

Kourtney Kardashian Placenta Pills x

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