Resting, nesting and counting down x

This week is all about nesting.  The babies room is finally coming together by my DH, therefore I thought I best get a move on with washing all Little Monkey’s clothes.  Using Fairy Non-Bio liquid and softener, the clothing came out smelling baby fresh and feeling super soft.  I was impressed at how my super market baby grows washed just as lovely as my pricier pieces.  Even my knitted wool blanket came out feeling baby soft.  

I hope the baby loves yellow and grey as much as me x

So why do we pre-wash all our baby clothes?

If you Google this you predominately get forum listings discussing the pros and cons of washing your little ones clothing and bedding.  And some debates get very heated. The main reason for washing these teeny tiny pieces is to remove the chemicals that the clothing was treated with during production.  Warehouses add a treatment that keeps the clothes retail ready, which ensures they look brand spanking new in the stores.  Therefore if you think of how new your babies skin is, you just want to protect it. 

My other reason for pre-washing is another way to bond with my little one and get mentally prepared for its arrival.  There was something lovely about smiling and gushing at all the little pieces and imagining our baby wearing them.  

No little scratches for our little monkey x

However I will admit I did go a step too far with my preparing.  Yes I ironed everything afterwards, including the mittens.  I’m calling this moment of craziness ‘Nesting’.  Surely this is the only reason for taking 2 hours ironing each piece and creating little vest/baby grow combos in my head.  However I loved it, but I don’t think this will be a tradition I will continue once baby arrives. x

Washed, dried, ironed and ready for baby x
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