Lets talk about sex x

Last night my husband and I enjoyed a Friday date night.  He prepared a scrumptious Thai green curry, I created a romantic setting, well I lit lots of candles and found a romance soundtrack on Spotify. The night was perfect. We talked about when we first met, we played ‘guess what our baby will look like’ and we enjoyed each other’s company in our new home.  I even did my hair and make-up for the occasion, unfortunately I couldn’t banish the leggings. 

Feeling loved up and a little adventurous I suggested to my husband that we could make love.  A normal request for any couple, however we have not had sex since week 14 when SPD took home in my pubic bone. 

Before baby we had always thought we would be one of those couples that would still have intercourse throughout our pregnancy.  We couldn’t grasp why people would stop or in some cases take up separate rooms to get some decent shut eye.  So it was with shock that we would become one of those couples. We still kissed and occasionally I would please my husband in other ways, but mostly our previous sex life was replaced with cuddle time.  Well as close as he could get to my watermelon belly.

Which brings me back to last night.  Now the pains are still there and if anything are now worst than when we first quit, however I felt an overwhelming desire to feel closer to my husband.  I knew that if it became too painful we would stop, but I at least wanted to try.  And this is when my husband surprised me.  He hesitated and then said that he no longer thought of me in that sexual way.  He now looked at me as the woman carrying and protecting his baby.  He reassured me that he still found me  beautiful and that he knew his sexy wife would be back, but for now he could only see baby.  Matters were not helped at this moment when Little Monkey was doing its Alien impersonation in my tummy, letting us know it was still there and worst still listening in on our conversation.  

Thankfully our romantic night wasn’t in any way ruined, but it did get me thinking about what my husband had said.  Post baby would my husband begin to look at me again in a sexual way?  From what I have read and conversations I’ve had with friends, my body won’t be the same again.  Will that play a part?  Pre-baby we were newly weds on a baby making rampage and still slim from my bridezilla exercise regime.  All the makings of a sexy wife.  

The next phase of our lives will involve sleepless nights, baby weight and a shift in priorities.  How do we get back to sexy?  Or do we find a new sexy?  I guess time will tell.  

But I do know that if this baby goes over by 1 week, I’m bringing sexy back x 

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