New baby ‘bunny themed’ essentials x

Bunny slippers by Doudou et Compagnie Paris x 

When I was just 7 my big little brother (I’m his 5ft 1, little big sister) came into the world.  As well as remembering what such a Rugrat he was, I remember fondly his grey and lemon themed baby room. This theme continued to his super soft clothing and I remember how adorable he always looked (don’t tell him I said that).  

So once I started planning Little Monkey’s (LM) wardrobe, I knew instantly that baby neutrals was the way I wanted to go.  This was helped by the fact that we wanted to be surprised by our babies gender and also because I’m not a fan of baby blues & pinks.  

Sadly during my pregnancy our pet Minilop rabbit Lollipop passed away and I was so upset to know that LM would never meet her.  Therefore I incorporated little rabbit motifs, teddies and details into the babies newborn items in a way to pay homage to our pet bunny.

Love me a bunny theme x 

I love, love, love John Lewis and I could spend hours exploring the store and getting inspiration for our home.  Knowing my love of rabbits, I was excited to receive this super soft velour sleep suit from my work colleagues when I left for maternity leave.  It has little rabbit motifs on the front and little booties for the babies feet.

Following our 12 week scan I was so excited to go to Mama’s & Papa’s to purchase something for LM.  I instantly fell in love with this lopsided rabbit-bear from their Millie & Boris range.  It now sits patiently in the babies crib, waiting to meet its new friend.

Not to be left too long on its own, our lovely friends from York gifted us this little tan bunny for our baby shower.  Not only is is adorably soft, it also has a bell like rattle inside.  

Completely and totally indulgent, how gorgeous are these bunny slippers from Doudou Bonbon in Paris.  Teeny tiny with little bells in the faces, these were a luxury gift from my glamorous cousin.  These are a keepsake for life.

Last but not least is LM’s coming home outfit.  Back again to my favourite baby store Mama’s & Papa’s I created this cute little outfit.  The velour jacket has a sweat jersey printed lining and fluffy bunny motifs to the front and back.  The sleep suit is part of a pack of 3 onsies printed with rabbits and little chicks.  I couldn’t resist.

Its all in the details x

Thankfully my bunny obsession stops here, however I do predict a french theme once baby arrives x



  1. March 29, 2015 / 8:27 pm

    I'm the exact same i hate the baby blues and pale pinks. Made shopping for newborn hard though

  2. April 28, 2015 / 6:31 pm

    Sorry just getting around to replying to posts. Spare time is now non-existent. I am ashamed to say I've started to embrace the blues, but still stay clear of the sickly baby blues, haha x

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