Ladies and gentlemen…introducing the Poo Station x

My husband’s favourite mantra is “everything in the house should have a place”. Every time he utters this I roll my eyes and look at his PJs still on the floor from the morning.  But I have to give it to him, this little phase comes into its own when being organised with Little Monkeys changing table.

After weeks of trial and error, we have finally nailed our little poo pit stop and proudly named it “The Poo Station”.  Not confined to one area, the beauty of the poo station is how portable it is.  From our living room footstool, with views of the forest, to Henry’s bedroom.  I’ve even handed it over to my Mum who was looking after Henry for the afternoon. 

The Poo Station x

I know you can’t contain your excitement to know whats in my treasure trove of bum busting items, therefore see below:

The Basket 

  • A gift from my friend Amy for my baby shower, it’s the perfect little box for housing our changing essentials 


  • Nothing like a good old nappy debate amongst Mums & Dads to get the opinions going on which brand is best. For us it has to be Pampers Premium Dry.  Since Nappy Rash came to town, these have been our nappy of choice for keeping Henry dry.  


  • For mopping up anything and everything.  Great for nappy off time to help catch any mid flow wee’s or one of many Little Monkey’s poops.  Also great for wiping the above off Mummy and Daddy. 

Pampers Wipes 

  • I no longer use these on Henry as I think they are too harsh for his very sensitive skin.  However they are a godsend for me for wiping my hands after each change.  They are also handy for wiping down the changing mat.  However each night I clean it down with Dettol wipes.

Nappy Bags 

  • From Sainsbury’s Little Ones range, they have that lovely baby smell, which is handy before filling it with poop smell. 


  • The handles are great for attaching bibs and easy to pull off when needed. 

Lopsie the rabbit 

  • Ok I will admit it, I just added him to make my basket look cuter :o) 
The Basket x

The Essential Bowl 

  • Purchased from John Lewis, this bowl is great for housing water, cotton wool and creams.  I also add a nappy bag each time to place used nappies and cotton wool. 

Lotions & Potions 

  • Bepanthem was our go barrier cream before Henry got his nappy rash.  At the moment we are using a mixture of steroid cream and Cavalin to help soothe and banish the rash. 

Cotton Wool & Water

  • Much softer on Little Monkey’s skin than the baby wipes.  Great not only for mopping up the bottom, but also for wiping dribbled milk and cleaning his eyes in the morning.  
The Bowl x

So there you have it, the ultimate in Pit Stop Poo Stations.  Maintaining it has caused many a disagreements during cross over night shifts when someone hasn’t replaced an essential.  But I think thats just proof it works x 

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