When Nappy Rash came to stay x

My Big Boy Growing up Fast x

Yesterday was the last time I’m going to ignore my newly acquired Mummy Instincts. As I added the Burts Bee’s Baby Diaper Ointment, my gut instincts told me it was going to hurt him and probably the reason for his raw little bottom.

But no I added the ‘all natural’ cream in the hope it would soothe his little bum and him. 5 minutes later I’m soaking his bottom in the bathroom sink as he sobs and releases the most painful of cries. A sound I’d never heard from him and a noise I hope to never hear again.

Wrapping him up in a large towel I cuddle my little man who falls into an exhausted sleep. 

Usually we use Bepanthen on Henry, however this week while out and about I added the Burt’s Bees to my nappy bag to give it a try. It came as a free sample from a John Lewis Baby Event. It states its all natural and its for babies, I would never imagine what it would do to my babies little bottom.  

By Tuesday I noticed his bum had become inflamed, but he was also doing more wet nappies. It wasn’t until yesterday I noticed it was very red and raw with little blood spots. Rather than realising he was having a reaction to the new cream, I continued to add it.

After his little sink wash and nap, Henry woke again screaming in his new painful cry and I started to panic. Thankfully my husband was home and we agreed to give him nappy off time to let it cool down. The problem with this is, he’s crying on his mat and he needs to be cuddled. So leaving his nappy off I picked him up. Only for him to poo all down me. Did I mention he’s still crying?

Thankfully on advice from NHS 111, we called our GP who prescribed a cream to help soothe his little baboon bum. 

It’s now Thursday morning and Henry is sleeping peacefully next to me while I write. Last night was tough on the little guy as each time he wet or pooped he became irritable and woke up. I ensured I just used cotton wool and water and applied the new cream. I also had a warm bottle of milk ready to soothe settle him back to sleep. 

Henry Wiped Out x

Today I’m going to do as much nappy off time as possible. He also has his 6 week check this afternoon, so our GP can access his little bum. He is also very needy, so going to continue to cuddle him in the hope that he forgives his silly mummy. 

Moral of the story, trust my instincts and stick to what works x


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  1. May 29, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    I never trust mine either. What is wrong with me? The poor little thing. Xx

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