Why One 2 One midwives wasn’t for me x

Little Monkey was born at 10.56pm on Thursday 26th March via an emergency C Section. 

Following my surgery I was transferred to a high dependency ward with 4 other new Mums. That first night and following day was incredibly overwhelming and now looking back, a crazy blur.  It felt like I had been run over by a bus and then given a small human being to look after at.  

I will never forget my second day when Jenny the midwife on call pulled back my curtain to do her morning checks. Asking me how I was, I sobbed my heart out. All the emotions of the birth and my struggle with my recovery, all came tumbling out. Still to this day I remember the precious advice she gave me. She told me to pick up my son and treasure every moment with him. Do as much skin to skin as possible and just take him in. She knew that if I sunk into depression, I would forever wish for those days and moments back. So taking her advice, my Little Monkey became my constant companion on our hospital bed.  

During the following days I confided in Jenny how I was feeling and how unprepared I was for the realities of child birth.  I had planned for this ‘Raspberry Leaf’ birth, meaning, all rosy and void of ‘what ifs’.  A birth plan that was supported by my One2One Midwife.  During our weekly catch ups, we never discussed when things didn’t go to plan, therefore off I went with my Disney expectations. 

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Unfortunately One2One midwives are not allowed in the Women’s hospital, therefore they are unavailable to offer much needed support.  I will never forget the text I received from my One2One midwife Jo following my birth. I had poured my heart out about how I was feeling and she simply replied “sounds like you had a tough time, call me when you are discharged and I’ll arrange a visit”. For an organisation that prided themselves on personal service, I felt incredibly let down by her response.

Now I initially went with One2One following the incredible services my friends had received from the organisation.  I also know they give fantastic care in the community, in particular for women having home births.  However they were not for me.  I just wasn’t confident they could provide the aftercare I knew I needed. 

Therefore it became a easy decision to return to my community midwife for follow up support. And I have never looked back. Jenny Long has not only been a shoulder to cry on and a wealth of advice, she also put me in touch with LivPip. Jenny also told me to take a billion photographs. She said she didn’t want me to look back at the early days and not remember Henry or those vital bonding stages. x

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