Baby clothing review – John Lewis x

#TodayLittleMonkeyIsWearing…My all time favourite romper with Baa Baa print from John Lewis.  Ok so Henry is only 11 weeks old, so I can’t really call it ‘my all time favourite’, but I just love it.  

Purchased alongside some other sheep inspired peices, I was so excited when the sun came out and he could debut his little one piece.

Tummy Time x

Ok I have to admit, Henry wore this twice in one week….a day after each other.  That’s how much I’m in love with it.  And yes I did wash it the evening before.

Firstly the little guy wore it to meet my colleagues when I took him into work for show and tell.  Show as in, ‘showing off my gorgeous boy’ and tell as in ‘give me all the office gossip’.  I think both camps were satisfied. 

Little Sheep moodboard x

Henry received so many compliments for his little outfit, that it seemed the perfect choice for his cousins 1st birthday party.  The previous days ‘ahhhsss’ and ‘oooooosss’ were mirrored the next day amongst family and friends.  

The beauty of a good romper is Henry can have a good old roll around and feel chilled during his tummy time.  Therefore even though he acted ‘sheepish’, I think its Little Monkeys favourite outfit too x 

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