Does your baby sleep right through? x

This by far is the most envy stirring topic amongst my mummy friends. 

Now don’t get me wrong, for those who now have sleeping babies, they’ve had tough times getting there.  We’ve all done the midnight What’s App chat in the desperate need to stay awake mid feed. 

However despite this I still can’t help think ‘good for you’ when they can finally boast about there 8 hours of restful bliss. Actually they don’t even have to say it, it’s written all over their content faces and less hunched shoulders. You know the neck tense look all mums develop from repetitive night feeds.

Finding his comfy position x 

The conversation always starts with…”so we put so and so to bed at 7.30pm. Next thing I know it’s 7.30am and we’ve slept right through”. Good for you…

I can’t ever imagine Henry sleeping through the night, he’s too exact in his current routine. Sleep at 8.30pm after his 5 B’s (Bottle, Bath, Baby Massage, Book, Bed). Awake at 2.30am, back down for 3. Up again at 5.20am…and then he has random naps up until 11am. Sometimes he throws mummy a curve ball and wakes at 4.20am, which means I have to feed him. My shift with the little guy is 12-5am. My husband’s is 5-7am, before he gets ready for work. I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve shhhhh Henry in the hope of getting him on the other side of 5am.

Shhhhh x

Which leads me onto “sleep when the baby sleeps”. If I did this, then please excuse the Mum sleeping at the traffic lights, or amongst the shopping aisles with the pram. Babies don’t conveniently pass out when you are home with a couple of perfect snoozing hours. Oh no, they sleep when you are out and about and awake the moment you open your front door. Or put the kettle on.

Well until Little Monkey realises the benefits of a good 8 hours (in the evening mind you) I will continue to smile and say all the right things to my lucky mummy friends…good for them x

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