Tummy time with Henry x

This weeks topic amongst my mummy friends was…#WellMyBaby…Loves tummy time.

Yikes. I’ve literally done tummy time with Little Monkey 3 times. You would think with his nickname, we would have the little guy springing off his elbows on a daily basis. But no, the 1st time was by complete accident, he rolled himself over off a pillow and proudly lifted his head. The 2nd time was with my husband and I, we cheated a little and helped him bring his arms up. Then the 3rd time I’m ashamed to admit was for a photo for this blog post #NoJudgement

Tummy Time x

So I’ve just googled ‘Tummy Time’ and according to the Baby Centre, it’s essential babies spend some time face-down to aid their development and motor skills. Have I failed my little guy? While his little friends crawl about, Henry will be lying face down watching the world go by. 

Thankfully I’m being a little overly dramatic, as at 10 weeks old, Henry still has plenty of time to catch up. So when he has his daily 20minutes on his jungle play mat, I’m introducing this new life skill.

This morning the little guy took to tummy time like a fish to water.  He knew to lift his head and tilt it to the side.  Thanks to his super bright jungle gym, he had an array of colours and animals to keep his brain stimulated as he learnt his new moves.  Thats my boy…x

A Natural x 
Jungle Time x

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