Attending a wedding with a baby x

 “To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment”

Jane Austen 

This weekend with Little Monkey in tow, we stepped into a picturesque postcard, for an English summer wedding.  The setting of this romantic getaway was Marleybrook House, a seventeenth century thatched farmhouse, standing beautifully amongst five aches of landscaped gardens.  The kind of setting Jane Austen’s Dashwood sisters (well Elinor) would have felt at home on their big day.

Thatched roof house x

The wedding was for my husbands beautiful cousin Laura and it offered the perfect opportunity to catch up with the inlaws and present baby Henry to society, oops, I mean family.  All these quintessential details have gone to my head.  

I finally had the opportunity to dress up, especially as since having Henry, I’ve not felt very fashionable in my BBL (big black leggings). Embracing my new shape, I found a beautifully cut dress from Whistles, that enhanced my good bits and hid the not so good bits.  I also had a helping hand from some support pants, hey what’s good enough for Kim KW, is good enough for me. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like a princess fit for the ball (sorry couldn’t resist another reference). 

Little Monkey wore a lovely baby blue romper and simple tee from Benetton and just looked so adorable. He was on best behaviour all day and evening and even my husband noted, we must have left our Little Monkey at home.  

Love was in the air x

The bride wore layers of soft tulle with hints of intricate lace.  The v-front dress fitted Laura to perfection and her flowing veil accentuated her romantic pinned curls.  Bridesmaids wore shades of mulberry and bouquets of roses complimented the dusky colour palette.

Before settling down to the wedding breakfast, we were entertained by a vintage fayre, that undoubtedly took us all back to our childhood. From vintage stalls of Hoopla, Penny Slot Machines, Rat & Trap to Victorian Swing Boats.  I wished Henry was older to appreciate the fun we were having, but at the same time, it was nice to let my hair down and not be so grown up.

The food was a scrumptious mix of succulent pork (husband), buttery chicken (me) and the prettiest of apple crumble served in miniature flower pots. Unfortunately I missed the toasts, Henry felt the need to start conversing across the tables, however I’m told they were the right mix of loving emotion (Groom & Father of the Bride) and utter inappropriateness (Best man). 

The day was just beautiful.  The sun was shinning, the champagne flowing and every other utterly perfect cliche you can think off.  I had mentally re-planned my own wedding day a thousand times over and prior to this, I swore I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

And best of all, Henry slept on into the night, whilst we feasted on roasted hog and wedding cake. Ok, well until 10pm, we did have a baby to put to bed after all. x

Perfect little barn for protecting Henry from the sun x
All in the details x
Our little prince in his romper x
Wedding Breakfast Tent x
Ceremony Garden x
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