Signs and tips for combating teething x

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

Franklin P. Adams

At a mere 15 weeks old & much to my mothers “see I told you so” delight, my Little Monkey is teething…cue crying emojis…

Sleepy Teething Monkey x

I don’t feel like we’ve quite had enough time to get over nappy rash gate and shouldn’t we at  least have #WellMyBabyIsSleepingRightThrough before the dreaded peggies? Our survey says XXX…

I feel like I’ve been fighting my Mum on the whole teething issue since Henry’s birth. Each week every time he uttered a cry, it was always “oh he’s teething”. When in fact most of the time he was overly tired and using his thumb to soothe himself.  “No Mum he won’t take a dummy…”

But this week I couldn’t deny my mums moment of glory. The signs were all there…

  • Painful cry…like a howl
  • Ramming his thumbs, fists, Zebedy, anything into his mouth for relief
  • Slobbering all over my shoulder, Daddy’s shoulder, anyone’s shoulder 
  • Grabbing his ears and pinching his rosy flushed cheeks 
  • And the biggest sign of all, 3 little sharp breaks in his gums…Ouch 

Since becoming a Mum I’ve heard my mummy friends say “oh I just wish I could take the pain for them”. Well having watched my poor little boy crunch his entire body up, I’d take a thousand stubbed toes tomorrow to be in his place.

But alas I can’t, so with advice from friends I’ve compiled my own ‘Beat the Peggies’ medicine kit.  Firstly every parents must have, Calpol.  Unfortunately Henry dislikes this immensely, so most of ends up smothered all over his clothes. Next is Calgel, to which I have to admit, smells like my childhood. I have tubes of this stuff all around the house, in my changing bag and car.  And lastly Nelson’s Teetha sachets. Henry literally bites my hands off for these little granuals. I think he’s got my sweet tooth.

Other items which don’t fit into my kit are mummy cuddles, cheek rubs and the naughties Classic hit “shu peggies, don’t bother me”. 

So before Little Monkey graduated onto full night sleeps, he’s going to have a full set of teeth. Cue monkey emojis…x


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  1. July 24, 2015 / 10:19 am

    Aww bless him. We have been teething for months and not one little blighter has come through yet. I don't know what i would do without those granules x

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