The most perfectly chic nappy changing bag by Coco Bow x

“I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.”

Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex And The City”)

Yesterday Henry and I were invited to Afternoon Tea at Liverpool’s 30 James Street Hotel to view the new Motherknot collection by Coco Bow.

Coco Bow create real leather changing bags, with beautiful attention to detail and ample amount of room for baby & mummy essentials. 

Mother knot Collection x

In my LBLM life (Life Before Little Monkey) I loved packing my weekly bag for work, especially before an important meeting out of office.  Having that wonderful time to select a bag that complimented my outfit and then picking which of my note books, lipstick & sunglasses would come out to play.  This has now been replaced by my Silvercross changing bag that is packed to the brim with Henry’s daily needs. Sadly my rouge doesn’t get a look in…

So it was with excitement that we headed off to the home of the Titanic for an education in luxury changing.  On arrival we met Katie Kaminski, not only the designer of the Motherknot range, but also a Mum of two, this lady knew her audience.  

Katie described how she had combined her own experience of motherhood with her Celtic background to create the Motherknot range.  The Motherhood knot, or Mother’s knot represents the parent and childs embrace in overlapping hearts with no beginning or end. 

She then introduced me to Aalin…

Inspired by the luxury classic Kelly Bag, the Aalin has all the elements of a stylish everyday piece, but with the added bonus of being a changing bag. Available in tan and supersoft dove grey, they are each finished off with the Mother Knot embossed clasp and printed lining. Princess Grace Kelly would be proud.

Looks great with my printed trousers and stripe tee x

For me, this is the perfect bag for returning to work with this autumn/winter.  I can still look stylish, but it can hold my abundance of toddler essentials for the after office nursery runs.  No one needs to know amongst my printed note books are nappy cream and teething gel. 

Next up was the Black Zip Bag.  This is the ultimate yummy mummy weekend bag.  Again embossed with the signature mother knot, this bag came in a rucksack shape (obsessed) and like with the Aalin, it came with a changing mat. Perfect for when you change from pram to buggy and don’t need everything but the kitchen sink to leave the house.

Perfect Weekend Away Bag x

Overall it was a lovely afternoon and Katie was extremely passionate about the collection, which is so refreshing.  Plus the afternoon tea of salmon finger sandwiches and truly scrumptious cakes, was delightful…x

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