10 Things I don’t want to forget about Henry x

I’ve always been fascinated by memory and dreams because they are both completely our own. 

No one else has the same memories. No one has the same dreams.

Lois Lowry

This week I caught up with my NCT Mummy’s and the topic of conversation was, “I don’t remember the babies being tiny”.  Which got me thinking, If we don’t remember how light they felt in our arms, what other little memories are we losing as they create new ones?  So I thought each month, I would document my favourite memories, in the hope of keeping them forever.

So at 4 months old, here are my top 10…

Memories in Pictures x
  1. Number one has to be, how my little boy smells.  Its just heavenly.  Its a mixture of Fairy non-bio, baby milk and Eau de so yummy, I could kiss him all day.  
  2. I love bottle time with my little monkey. Some of my favourite things happen over milk. Firstly he loves to put his hands on your face, in your mouth or up my nose. Which always smell of sweet milk as he excessively sucks his fingers and thumb.  
  3. Next when he’s falling asleep mid bottle, if I take the bottle away too soon, he looks like a little bird waiting for worms.  I’m yet to capture this with my camera.  
  4. Henry has the cutest little feet, but I love how his big toe is always standing up proudly away from his other piggies.  He is also terrible ticklish when I massage his feet at bed time. 
  5. My husband and I love to guess who he looks like or who he gets his mannerisms from.  One such mannerism is how he lifts one eyebrow quizzically at us if we are doing something too silly.  Which during our recent family holiday, we realised he got this from his Grandad.
  6. Henry loves to chat away to you…while you are changing his bum, haha.  Soon as that head hits the changing mat, he comes alive with the sound of speech.  Whether it be at home, in baby changing or on his travel mat, he just loves to tell you his life story.
  7. Our affectionate name for Henry is Little Monkey.  I also call him Pudding, Tuppence, Love Bug, however recently a name that has stuck is Trumpet.  Every night whilst we are trying to get asleep, you will see two little legs lifting from his crib and then a little succession of trumps will sound from his bottom.  Cue silent laughing and shoulder shaking from Mummy and Daddy.
  8. My son is vain.  Its official. He loves to look at himself in the mirror.  He gives himself the cutest of smiles and can look at himself all day.  Either that or he’s found a new friend and doesn’t realise its him #TooCute.
  9. Henry is still our Little Monkey and loves to live up to his nickname.  Whether its rolling over on his play mat or squeezing his legs through his crib bars, he can never sit still.  He also loves to kick his legs like he is riding a tight rope.  I predict a career in the circus.
  10. And lastly how he’s become my little mate.  Today we just sat on my bed and cuddled, chatted, watched Peppa Pig (well I did, he just filled the iPad with finger prints) and sang along to “Old McDonald).  Which is his favourite song as I do all the animal noises ‘Oink Oink”.  He is well and truly, my best friend. x 
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