Little Monkey Outtakes in pictures x

“Take the picture, take the picture”

Audrey Hepburn (Funny Face)

The lovely Emma Lander over at Farmers Wife & Mummy had a fantastic blog post last week called ‘Blogging The Out-Takes’

Emma pulled together all the pictures we never show people or add to blog posts. You know the ones with dodgy faces or blurred edges (or in Henrys case, blurred feed as he’s always moving them).  Or the general “let me add some more lipstick” and change my outfit, oh and add a bunch of peonies to the background images we try to perfect. 

So this gave me an idea to trawl through the 10000 pics of Little Monkey, showing you the #BestAndWorst (ha, see what I did there)?

So here you have it, Little Monkey the outtakes – the Best & then the Worst that didn’t make the cut…x

This image is on my phone & I love it.  I completely forgot that Henry used to hate bath time x 

ahhh – urghh x

This is from the very early #TodayLittleMonkeyIsWearing…He just would keep still, the Little Monkey.  Love that he’s yawning bored.  Remember the days when babies used to just sleep?

I’m tired mummy x

This was a gorgeous outfit from Henry’s Godparents and I wanted to send them a picture of Henry wearing it.  It all went well until I added the hat, Henry hates hats (I think it reminds him of the forceps). 

hahahahahah x

Seriously Mummy how many pictures are you going to take? 

She’s still pointing that camera at me x

“My Dad’s Chubby…

My Mum’s Chubby…

& I look Like this”

Zzzz x

& Last but the most common of Little Monkey pictures, the flat face.  He just gives up on the tummy time pose.

The end x

Please share your funny outtakes x 


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  1. August 26, 2015 / 10:30 am

    This is a fantastic post! You've captured is newborn jerky movements and all the classic baby ness of him. He's very very cute in every picture and these show him in real life. I think every parent can relate to this.
    I'm going to have to look at picture of H all scrunched up and jerky now…. Feeling like it's all going too quick! #bestandworst

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