Tips for transitioning your baby in their own room x

“Just put him in his own room”

(Health Visitor)

Saturday evening in our house is usually Movie Night.  Little Monkey’s all tucked up in his crib and my husband and I attempt a film before I inevitably fall asleep before the end.  However this Saturday, rather perusing Netflicks for 3 stars or above, we instead sat tentatively watching Henrys baby monitor.  Because dear readers, my Little Love Bug, spent the first night in his own room.

Night in a moodboard x 

It all started when a lovely Health Visitor called Jean came around to talk baby weaning.  After going through the do’s and don’t of introducing little monkey to solids, the conversation moved onto Henry’s sleeping patterns. I poured my little heart out about how Henry goes down perfectly at 7pm (see routine), but then wakes from 2am and continues to do so unless we pick him up, put him in our bed, or cuddle him.  But he is not hungry.

Jean advised that it sounded like Henry was aware we were in the room and was waking up knowing we would give in to cuddles.  I also shared my concerns that he is a major wriggler and keeps hitting his crib bars and I thought he would have more room in his cot to roll.  So without hesitation Jean said, “put him in his own room”.  

Now this was a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to hold out until Henry was at least a full 5 months, as new government guidelines state 6 months.  However after one too many nights of de-tangling Henry from his crib bars and being kicked out of our bed, Saturday night was the night. 

Now we took our Mummy & Daddy duties seriously. We moved the Nanny, Ewan the Sheep, the GroEgg and the baby monitor from our room and set them up in Henry’s (Daddy’s technology corner).     They were all great things for putting our minds too rest.  Well it did mine.  My husband proceeded to open every window (its too hot), move Ewan onto the window ledge (in case he chokes), trial the baby in every corner of the bed (to check the radius of the nanny) & play guess what room I’m in with the monitor (oops that was me).  

Eventually we were happy with the set up and we did our usual bed time routine with Henry.  Henry always goes to bed asleep, as he inevitable falls asleep after his bottle around 7pm.  So we just put him down as usual, but this time in his “big boys bed”.  Then we snuck down, got the popcorn out and watched the baby monitor.  It was like watching that Sandra Bullock movie Gravity.  You know were there is no sound, but the most ‘heart in your mouth’ things are happening?  Well Little Monkey rolled onto his side (ok we could deal with his) and then onto his front, completely flat facing (arghhh). 

But before we whipped him back into our bed with protestations “he’s too young, far too young”, the little guy moved his face to the side.  & breathe….

Well today is now Tuesday and Henry as had 3 successful nights in his big bed.  Each night he’s only woke once for a feed and each time gone back down again.  In the mornings we can hear him chatting away to himself and Ewan who is up on top of the wardrobe (just incase he Gogadgets it from the windowsill)…x  

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