Trying to get Henry into a routine x

“The way to improve the chances of your baby sleeping well through the night is to ensure you establish a good bedtime routine for him from very early on”.

Gurgle Magazine 

So this evening I prematurely celebrated Day 2 Little Monkey’s Bedtime Routine.  Initially it worked a charm and I’ll be honest, I did a victory dance around my kitchen and even…wait for it…moonwalked. Oh yes, I thought I’d solved the elusive R word and conquered The Routine.

The Routine in Pictures x

Let’s rewind to 6.30pm before I paid homage to MJ.

Henry had not long woken from a nap and 6.30-7.30pm is what I call the witching hour. It’s too late to stimulate him with toys and it’s too early to start readying him for bed.  

So I bundled him in his pram and we went for a lovely walk in our local woods. You can’t beat a bit of fresh air.  I only clocked watched 2 or 7 times.

On arriving home I put him into his swishy new Ikea Blames high chair whilst I prepared our evening dinner. Now the reasoning for his high chair is to get him used to sitting down for food as a family. Starting that routine early, unlike his bed time one. 

Next up I prepared his bottle whilst playing relaxing music in the background and run his bath.  Henry loves his bath time and visibly becomes instantly relaxed when he hits the water and loves to put his head back into the water.  Mission relax baby, complete.  He is currently suffering with baby eczema, so I add Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil in his water.  Its currently working beautifully and his skin smells and feels amazing afterwards. 

Next up is his baby massage, for which I cover him head to little piggy in E45 cream.  Again in a bid to beat his dry skin.  Then it was straight into a sleep suit & GroBag for his bottle. And alas 140ml later he was out like a light and tucked up in his crib with his sleeping buddy Zebedy…

Cue Mummy’s own dancing routine.

One itsey bitsy factor I didn’t count on was his peggies. Teething gums know no boundaries and they work to their own clock. So 30 blissful minutes into Mummy’s night, Little Monkey woke screaming. 

So now 1hr after my ‘perfect’ routine, I’m frantically rocking a overtired baby after a dose of Calpol and a near headless Zebedy.  Hopefully Day 3 proves to be more successful. 

I’d love to hear your bedtime routine dos & don’ts. Please feel free to share x

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