Top 10 tips for a baby with a cold x

“Bless you”

Said me a thousand times yesterday 

This morning I woke up to a snotty Little Henry curled up next to me, heavily breathing & restless due to his blocked nose.  Little Monkey woke a record breaking 6 times last night, even Daddy had to do a cuddle and feed to help me out.  

But in the end after dragging my sleeping body out of bed, I succumbed to the inevitable and put the little guy in bed with me.  Thankfully we both got 3 hours.

Any room for me Henry? x

When your baby has a cold, you have a cold, you are both in this together.  Therefore here are my Top 10 tips for helping your baby recover from their cold.  

Please note I am not a health professional, these are just tips I’ve picked up on the way.  For additional advice please see the NHS website, or consult your GP. 

Here are my top 10 tips…

1. Don’t underestimate the power of milk.

Henry has not yet started on solids or water, therefore he is getting all his nourishment and water from his milk.  Therefore his milk is keeping him hydrated.  I have noticed a drop in his appetite, therefore I am doing little more often.  Always with a fresh bottle to avoid bacteria going back and forth.  (Can’t stop singing the power of love now)

2. Turn on the heat, but keep them cool. 

We are now into Autumn and our house feels noticeably cooler.  Therefore I have the heating on low to keep the little guy warm. However I am also keeping my eye on his temperature and not overloading him with blankets for bed.  We also have the GroEgg to keep an eye on his room temperature.  (Just don’t tell my husband the heating’s been on all day)

3. Wash it, clean it, kill it.

This is my favourite tip for beating my own colds.  I keep my hands clean and use antibacterial hand solutions.  I wipe all services down with Milton wipes, especially his high chair, car seat and pram.  I also created a large Milton bath to cleanse his toys at the end of the day, so he’s not picking up yesterdays germs again. (If my counters could talk they would shout “Freak”)

4. No fluffy toys.

Primarily as they will just pick up germs and would be in and out of the washing machine.  His hard toys can be wiped down or washed in Milton.  I’m also keeping him off his soft play mat as he has a tendency to just slobber & sneeze all over it.  Sounds extreme, but if I’m strict, his cold will pass much quicker. (This tip lasted, hmm well 4 hours. Hey sometimes you just need 5 minutes of peace)

4. Shower or bath for two.

This morning I placed Henry into his chair in the bathroom whilst I took a shower.  I filled the sink with additional hot water and 3 drops of Olbas oil.  Together with the steam, it created a lovely vapour which helped relieve his congestion.  It also smelt like a tummy spa so I felt very relaxed too after a tough night. (I had to do this with the shower door open, he screamed the place down)

5. Declare a duvet Day.

Henry and I are rarely ever home in the day.  We love to get out, even if its just for a walk in our local woods or park.  However cozying up on the sofa I can keep an eye out for him, keep him hydrated and allow him to have as many naps as he needs. (Or just pray he naps, see point 6)

6. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

If you’ve had a tough night with your little one, you could be exhausted too.  & there is no guarantee tonight is going to be any easier.  Therefore get your head down too when your Little one is asleep.  Even if you are just laying there with your eyes closed, leave the housework and chores and try to recuperate. (Note my obsession with the Milton, me not clean the house, I don’t think so) 

7. Tea Towel Trick.

I got this tip from my lovely friend Catherine.  Soak a tea towel in hot water and then drop 2/3 drops of Olbas oil onto it.  Then place it onto the heater in your babies room.  As with the shower trick, it creates a lovely vapour for keeping their airways clear. (Only works if baby stays in own room) 

8. Keep the air flowing. 

Ventilation is so important for helping your baby to breathe at night.  Keep those doors open and also you can elevate their heads to additionally help them breathe.  (Stollen tip from Google, hey 10 Tips is a lot)

9. Take a deep breath and embrace the nose sucker.

If your Little one has a runny snotty nose, I fully recommend a nose sucker, or if you are brave, use your own mouth onto your babies nose to suck out the snot.  I know it sounds disgusting, but honestly when push comes to shove, we will do anything to help them out.  I fully recommend tip no. 4 first however. Also their little noses can become sore, therefore a little vaseline around their nostrils will help them from cracking. (Henrys are more of the solid kind.  I’m having lots of fun picking them out. Hey we all  do it) 

10. Tell yourself you are doing a great job. 

Because you are.  When you get that little smile through the snot, thats your Littles Ones way of saying, thank you Mummy or Daddy.  or Nana and Grandad…or Aunty & Uncle…you get the point. (Renee you are doing a great job) 

I you have any additional tips I would love to hear them x 

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