Using colour therapy to relax on holiday with a toddler x

Colour Therapy is a vibration healing philosophy.  It utilises the energies within living organisms such as plants, gem stones, crystals, water, sunlight and sound to enhance health, defeat disease and restore balance within the whole body.


This Sunday Little Monkey and I along with my husband, parents, brother and sister in law returned from a lovely week in Portugal. Not only was this Henry’s first time abroad, it was also a celebration of the first 6 months of his life.  It also signified a major milestone into the introduction of baby weaning.  

Therefore I was immensely looking forward to some relaxation, new memory making and hopefully a Henry, hungry for new tastes. However I was also realistic in the stresses that family holidays and baby weaning could bring, so I was incredibly excited when the lovely people at Colour Calm sent me Issue 2 of there creative colouring book for adults (sorry Henry, its not for babies).

Floral Inspired x

Portugal is one of my favourite places in the world, its incredibly green and has the most vibrant flowers which look so beautiful against the white washed houses.  The lush greenery became the inspiration behind my first picture, especially the mix of oranges, yellows and pinks.  I also loved this picture as it was one of the smaller in the book.  Having time to myself was limited, however when I did have some precious me moments, I loved chilling out with my pencils, Sangria (hey its a must) and my Colour Calm.  

Colour me tile x

As the holiday went on, my husband and I found that we loved to walk to the beach each morning.  Henry didn’t quite get the importance of sleeping in on holiday, so we headed out pretty early. But each time I loved all the little tile details we found on the way.  Also the lovely mix of ocean blues and washed out summer yellows on benches and doorsteps.  So I loved collating these inspirational images and using them in this tile image.  

Overall the holiday wasn’t as relaxing as I had originally hoped.  My family are very laid back and time escapes them whilst away.  They love to sleep in, laze by the pool and cook the most scrumptious of meals from the Vila, which was lovely.  However my husband needs “what are the plans for tomorrow” schedules and his favourite thing on holiday is to eat out and try the local delicacies.  Both great ways to spend your holiday, however I found myself caught in the middle of both groups.  Plus having a baby, there is a need to routine, plus a major need to relax.  But they both never gelled and I became very stressed, particularly at the end of the holiday.  

Thankfully on returning home after getting through my abundance of washing, Henry and I have slept in, chilled out and I’ve coloured in.  The new Issue 2 has some beautiful cakes to decorate by Tom Hovey, the illustrator behind BBC2s Great British Bake Off.  My husband and I are major fans of the series and our initial favourites Tamal and Nadya are now in the semi-finals.  So i’m looking forward to decorating my own cakes with a glass of wine in the comfort of my home.

Thank you Colour Calm for my perfect gift x 

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