Henry has two front teeth x

“In this pocket you will find

A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.

So while I sleep where dreams are made,

Let’s see if you can make a trade”.

Author Unknown

So now I have a new found respect for the tooth fairy.  I’ve decided that her role in life is so misunderstood and quite frankly under valued.  Growing up I thought she a mere collector of tiny teeth with a unlimited trust fund to feed her enamel obsession *.  

Until now. After whats felt like Henry’s entire life (6 months to be exact) he has been teething.  Copious amounts of slobber, rosy red cheeks, obsessive biting and thumb thrusting and we finally have a tooth (well two to be exact). 

All I want for Christmas is my…x

As a family we have felt every aspect of their welcome into the world, but the growing credit has to go to Little Monkey.  As with so many babies this is a painful process that results in buckets of tears and many a sleepless nights.  So when after so many years the baby tooth pops out to allow its grown up to move in, its a rather sad affair.  Not only does it represent a new milestone in your little ones life, it also disregards all the pain it took for the baby tooth to come through.  

So placing that little tooth under your pillow and waiting patiently for a reward, well its a given really.  The tooth fairy is in actual fact saying “Well done you”, heres some pennies to celebrate getting through it all.  There should be a song and a dance about this worldly tradition and we should give credit to the fairy that isn’t half as popular as Father Christmas. x

* Don’t worry, I know who the real tooth fairy is x

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