Our morning routine x

Its 5.35am and Henry is up and ready for the day.  Since the clocks went back we have managed to push back Little Monkey’s bed time, unfortunately this hasn’t made any difference to his wake up time.  So rather that sob in the corner & reminisce about my 6.30am ‘sleep ins’, I thought I’d welcome you to get ready with us.

9 step wake up plan x


Henry is awake and rolling around his cot with Ewan the Dream Sheep, chatting away like he’s had 10 hours sleep.  Well technically he has had 10 hours sleep (despite 1 wake up at 10pm) but that doesn’t count.  It has to be 10 hours since I went to bed, thats the rules.  Maybe I should print that rule for his room?  Oh have you seen his room? (shameful plug here). 

Anyway I digress…

Dragging my body out of bed and throwing my husband a ‘when is it your turn’ glance, I head into the Monkey’s room.  & their with the biggest grin, little arms and legs kicking about is my little man, all ready to start the day.  After a super long squeeze and a even super quick nappy change, I bring him into our room for family cuddles.  This is usually the time I get kicked out of bed and Daddy gets all his attention.  


Leaving Daddy to get some extra shut eye we head downstairs for his morning milk and we snuggle up on the sofa.  If Henry is looking sleepy I keep the lights dimmed low and the room quiet.  But today Henry is lively and ready for the day, so we watch Sunday’s Fashion Bloggers on E.  Well I watch and he tries to eat the remote (don’t tell Daddy). 


Daddy’s up and ready to leave for the day & its time for munchkins breakfast.  On the menu today is baby porridge with blended puree that I made up over the weekend.  The puree is apples and pears from our trees in the garden.  That sounds sooooo pretentious, but it makes a change from Ella’s Kitchen Breaky pouches, so its staying in. 

After breakfast I give Henry some toys to play with in his high chair whilst I eat breakfast, unload last nights dish washer, load this mornings dishes and complete all the other boring chores we do to keep us sane.  Zzzz

Sometime between 8am & 9am 

Today we are off to see Henry’s Nana (Isn’t it funny how we no longer refer to parents as Mum & Dad?) so we head upstairs to pick out an outfit.  Today’s outfit of choice is stripes, stripes and more stripes.  If you didn’t already know, I Love Stripes

Henry has become a little wriggle monster lately and I have to keep turning him around to dress him. However soon as I put on his new yellow Next skinny jeans, he can no longer move as they are so rigid.  However I’m not wrestling with him again to change them…pick your battles Mummy. 

9.30am or Twirlywoo time 

I pop Henry into his Jumperoo in front of Cbeebies whilst I quickly shower and dress for the day.  I always said (pre Henry) that I wouldn’t have my babies watching TV, but our windows are just too high for bird watching.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Yes you note a touch of Cbeebies guilt in me here. 


Henry is now looking tired and I think his skinny jeans are restricting his usual gymnastic moves, so with a mid morning bottle I pop him down for his nap.  Don’t worry, I took the nappy stranglers off. 

Whilst Henry naps I make myself a cup of coffee and start getting everything ready for our day out.  I pack his bag, take out his lunch from the freezer and finish of my hair and make-up.  Sometimes a touch of mascara makes all the difference x 

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