Product review – Bepanthen nappy ointment x

“Bepanthen aids natural skin recovery and forms a long lasting, 

breathable transparent layer, protecting your baby’s skin from the causes of nappy rash”.


When Little Monkey was a month old, his little bum had the most painful of nappy rashes, and I will never forget it.  Those first few weeks of getting out and about meeting friends, would result in Henry sobbing in pain and me crying in the corner as I couldn’t ease his sore bottom.  

Nappy off time, constant bathing, a multitude of creams and constant nappy changes consumed me for weeks.  The doctors became our second home and I still believe to this day, we missed so many development signs in Henry as he was in constant pain.  

When Henry was born Bepanthen was our nappy ointment of choice.  It came highly recommended by our NCT teacher and in those first weeks, it worked like a dream.  Until one week I received a tube of Burts Bee’s Nappy Ointment Cream from a Baby Event and switched brands.   The cream literally took the skin off my poor little guys bum.    

For some reason I never returned to Bepanthen, I instead went from prescribed creams, to Metanium & Sudacrem, in the hope of clearing up his rash.  So I currently feel like I’ve come full circle when the lovely people at Bepanthen asked me to try our their creams again and also their baby sensitive body lotion. 

Henry hanging out with the Bepanthen family x

The Statement 

Bepanthen ointment contains pro-vitamin B5 which gently helps the natural recovered of your little ones skin whilst making sure it is kept soft, smooth and moisturised.  The Nappy Care Ointment also helps by sealing in the skin’s natural moisture, allowing gentle recovery without drying out your baby’s delicate skin.  

The Ointment works by forming a transparent layer wish helps protect the most delicate skin from irritants or rubbing.  The water-in-oil formulation helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated, which is essential to maintain its natural protective barrier.  

The Packaging 

The cream comes in a simple easy to use tube, the flip-top cap allows me to use just one hand to open it, whilst the other keeps Henry from wriggling off his changing table.  Plus once finished applying, I can hand the super soft tube to Henry to play with whilst I finish up (cap on obviously).  

First Impressions 

I forgot how gorgeously creamy the nappy ointment was, it literally feels like you are putting butter cream all over your babies bottom.  However it feels so light, so I know that Henry’s skin will still be able to breathe underneath the transparent layer.  After a day of using the ointment, Henry’s bum is super soft, super dry and not a sign of redness (cue smiling emoji). 

My worries 

Henry unfortunately inherited my sensitive skin, so I’m always weary that the nappy rash can come back.  Therefore I obsessively change Henry’s nappy on average every 2 hours and in the evening between night feeds or wake-ups.  I know, he will never sleep right through. 

This week I returned to my full time job and Henry spent half his week with Nana and the other half at nursery.  I worried whether they adopt my OCD approach to nappy changes?  So just in case I purchased some extra tubes of Bepanthen and put one in each bag for Nana and nursery with instructions to use every nappy change.  I fully recommend the 100g tube from Tesco which is currently £5.00, as the RRP is usually £7.99.  

One week on 

Henry’s bum is even more scrumptious (yes still loving that word) than ever and not one sign of the dreaded rash.  My poor little guy has been teething all week and came down with his first nursery bug, so has been incredibly poorly.  With returning to work (sobbed for hours), Henry having a new routine (the boy did good), Bepanthen took care of one less worry, thank you.

Next week I will be reviewing the Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser, check it out x 

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