The day we lost Bjorn the Teddy x

“For the most important people in the world”


I’ll never forget the day we lost Bjorn.  Well ok it was only last week, but still, it was such a bleak day in Little Monkey’s life.  & mine.  

Before I file my missing bear report, I should firstly introduce you to our little stripe wearing bear.  Born in 2015 in Sweden, Bjorn is one of a million identical soft toys, sent out into the world to bring joy to spädbarn (thats babies in Swedish, don’t you know).  However our Bjorn is one of a kind, as he literally lights up my son’s life everyday.  As soon as he see’s his nautical wearing friend, his little face lights up and he gives him the biggest of hugs (before shoving the poor guys face into his mouth).  

#FindBjorn x

So how did lose Bjorn?

It was just like any other normal day.  We had our usual morning snuggles with our Little Swedish bear, shared our breakfast with the Little guy & then packed him up in the car seat ready to come out and play.  

I remember it being a manic day of shopping as we were planning Henry’s first Halloween and I wanted it to be perfect.  So we were in and out of shops at a speedy pace as I wanted to get home for Henry’s lunch time.  Somewhere between M&S toffee apple cupcakes and TKMaxx pumpkin decorations, we lost him.  I frantically searched the car, the pram, the nappy bag, everywhere.  Then with a lump in my throat and a heavy tug on my heart, I cried in the car.   Henry unaware that we had lost the best thing since baby milk, he sat watching his crazy Mummy crying over a £1 toy.

Many searches and telephone calls later, Bjorn was lost.  Now and again I have this little vision of him sitting on a wall waiting for us, or hope that like the scarf in the Nationwide advert, someone will return it to us.  But sods law we are with the wrong bank. 

Thankfully after my plea on both Twitter & Facebook, the lovely people at Ikea came to our rescue and posted a new Bjorn out to us.  Henry’s lovely little friend William also had his Mummy & Daddy get Henry a new bear as he knew how much he loved it.

The Reunion
Now I have no idea as to whether Henry was aware we had lost Bjorn, as it coincided with him having his first viral infection.  So he was already out of sorts.  But yesterday morning via Postman Patricia we received a parcel from Ikea Warrington.  & their nestled between the giant paper envelope was our new Bjorn.  As identical as his brother, all ready with a smile on his face & a heart on his chest *.

I know the cutest thing since slice bread x

Thank you Ikea & Welcome home Bjorn x

* Disclaimer….we now have 3 Bjorns, well you know, just in case x 

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