Our Christmas Tree and decorations x

“O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;

Not only green when summer’s here,

But also when ’tis cold and drear.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging!”

Traditional German Carol

Once upon a time, before I met my dear husband, I was all about the real christmas tree.  To me it just wasn’t Christmas without the heavenly scent of pine needles and the welcoming freshness of real festive branches.  Oh and I had absolutely no storage place in my flat, so a real tree was also my only option.

But then I met my betrothed and along with his beer bottle top collection and general tat (I mean treasures) from his travels, he also came complete with an artificial tree.  & then thats when I embraced (well you’ve got to pick your battles) the fake Christmas tree and thankfully it isn’t too bad.

Its a beautifully full branched green extravaganza (still my new favourite word) and I have to give it to my husband, it does look rather fabulous.  Its rather leafy (are pine needles leafs?) and stands tall at about 6ft.  

Ooooo Treeeeee x

As this is Henry’s 1st Christmas, I wanted to give our house a traditional feel, think Home Alone meets Miracle of 34th Street. So like Rudolph’s nose, I’ve come over all shiny and red, with a touch of mercury glass metallic.  I’ve loved mercury glass since crazy hauling candle holders and vases for our wedding in 2013.  So along with the red, the metallic touches make me feel all nostalgic…Cue rosy cheek emoji…

For tree decorations they are predominately from TK Maxx and Dobbies, which I’ve been collecting since last year.  A few years ago my Mum stumbled upon the most incredibly beautiful oversized baubles in TK Maxx and since then I have tree envy.  Her tree is all Elle decoration and I’ve wanted to stumble upon my own ‘exactly the same’ decorations as her for years.  But alas, they’ve never got them in again, but I did find some middle sized (not as giant as Mums, but bigger than the average bauble) red glass balls.   

Last Christmas whilst 6 months pregnant I was lucky to pick up the mercury glass baubles from Dobbies during their sale.  Balancing them on my bump I spent around 2 hours in the garden centre, putting together my little Christmassy theme…ahh the memories.  They also had some super pretty clear glass baubles covered in glitter and pearls.  

But this year (sorry Dobbies) I was hugely disappointed with their decorations.  Whilst last year they looked all John Lewis’y, this year they had a 1980’s tacky feel about them.  What happened?  Thankfully they redeemed themselves with creating a beautiful mantelpiece foliage design, which stands proudly on the fireplace.  But that’s it, the rest dear Dobbies was in the words of Annie “Just plain awful”.  

What Christmas would be complete without some Little dressed Mice in little knitted ensembles.  Or “What’s with the rats?” (the husband) to sit within the christmassy foliage?  I bought these from TK Maxx back in September when I was convinced they wouldn’t be there when I came back.  So these little guys sit on the fireplace, just hanging out watching Henry in his Jumperoo. 

Now no Christmas would be complete without festive smells and I’ve gone candle crazy.  From the living room, to the kitchen, the upstairs hallway window, to the downstairs window, to the bathroom and finally in the master bedroom (ok I could have just said the whole house) there is a candle burning.  TK Maxx came to the rescue again with their festive mix of scented candles.  My favourite being the Pomegranate Spruce candle that smells devine.  I’m talking sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring ting tingle-ing devine.  

& last but no means least, we’ve added some candy cane sticks from good old John Lewis to finish off the tree.  Because lets be honest, come next year, we won’t be able to add sweets to the tree without fending off a toddler.

Merry Christmas x 

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