Easy Like Sunday Morning x

“Ooh that’s why I’m easy

I’m easy like Sunday morning

That’s why I’m easy

I’m easy like Sunday morning”

Lionel Richie 

Once upon a time, Sundays did used to be easy.  Snoozy sleep ins, long breakfasts followed by even longer lunches and movies marathons in comfy PJS.  However since Little Monkey was welcomed to the world, our old Sundays are a distant memory…

& I wouldn’t change it for the world.  So for this weeks post I wanted to bring you along to share in our family Sunday morning x

Thats why am easy…

6.50am – Wakey, wake, rise & shine…

Little Monkey slept right through (cue dancing bunnies emoji – whoop whoop) so he is forgiven for his early morning start (just).  We love to bring Henry into our bed for morning cuddles, especially as in the weekday, Daddy has usually already left for work once he wakes. 

I think Henry equally benefited from his 12 hours and is full of beans, crawling around the bed and causing havoc “stop pulling Mummy’s hair”.  Its not long before he’s doing the sign for food and after a quick nappy change (you’ve got to be super quick before he gets distracted), I take him down for breakfast. 

7.30am – Central heating…for kids 

After his bottle and some sofa cuddles (all of 30 seconds worth) he is wiggling to get onto the floor to explore “no the TV is not a toy” “don’t jam your fingers in the door”. Whilst he hangs out with Daddy (Its your turn Ben), I quickly make breakfast and today he is having banana porridge.  I warm up his baby milk and then I pop some banana into the blender with his porridge and milk and hey presto, breakfast for kings.  I do the same (minus the baby milk) and add a teaspoon of cacao into my readybrek and its delicious.  

9.ish – Choo Choo….

Whilst Henry plays in his high chair I quickly un-load yesterdays dishes and re-load the dishwasher with our breakfast things (Zzz).  As its Sunday I also put a wash on.  Sundays have become a military operation for prepping for the week.  If I don’t get super organised, the week falls apart.  & so do I. Henry the little cutie helps me with the washing (I use the word ‘help’ here loosely). 

We then head into the living room for play time.  Henry’s favourite toys are blocks at the moment, so he loves to pick them up and chuck them across the room.  He also loves his Duplo (me not so much, he always knocks my houses down)…cue crying emoji…

10.30am – no sleep Mummy

After a good old play, Henry starts rubbing his eyes and I know its time for this morning nap.  He plays fight the sleep for some time, but eventually gives in and passes out…Zzzzzzzz

I then put another load of washing on and start cooking lunch.  Today its Annabel Karmel’s Nursery Fish Pie.  I pop on some music in the background and start putting the pie together.  Easy peasy considering I dislike cooking immensely.  I then grab a quick shower, tiptoeing in the fear Little Monkey will wake up before I get dressed. 

12ish – Pick me up, I’m starving…

Henry had a good hour sleep and is full of beans in his cot.  Whilst sleeping beauty was catching up on this snooze time, I managed to dress, finish the pie, clean up the house and drink a full cup of coffee.  I think the hot coffee was my biggest achievement. I know, I’m supermum. 

12.30pm – Sunday dinner 

We all sit down together at the family table and its fish pie and veg all around.  Henry takes to it straight away and demolishes his lunch.  The pie was a winner and the broccoli more so.  After finishing his mango yogurt (one for Henry, one for Mummy) he heads into the living room for play time.

I wonder if Henry fancies cuddling up on the sofa and watching an old movie…hmmmmm x 

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