Happy New Year from Peonie and Me x


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Its New Years Day and along with my husbands amazing family, we are all dusting off our wellies and taking a walk through the Hawkesbury hills.  I’m not going to lie, its blowing a gail and my cheeks are frozen, but despite this, its a lovely moment to reflect on 2016.  

This year I became a Mum to Little Monkey & I can honestly say with all my heart, it’s been the best year of my life. That’s not to devalue all the other incredible years or life milestones, but these were all put into place ready for my husband and I to become a family.

The year has been full of incredible highs and I think every new parent has to admit, some tough times. The sleepless nights, teething aches, new mum anxiety all pale in comparison to morning smiles, first crawls and baby’s 1st Christmas.

Happy New Year x

So what will 2016 bring? Ben and I have declared a year of the house. We’ve now lived in what feels like someone else’s home for the past 12 months, it’s now time to turn it into our family home. Fill it not only with love and new memories, but also with items that reflect our personalities and tastes.

Next up is a mini declaration to the year of me. At the start of last year I left work as me, ambitious, focussed and driven. Having return from mat leave a few months ago as a mum, I’ve struggled to find the balance between the old and new. But I’m dedicating time between developing our house, watching our son flourish and working out who I am now.  Oh and lose a few pounds on the way, that always helps.

Next up continue to strive to be the best Mum to Henry and guide him through his next life steps.  Be there to love him, pick him up when he falls and guide him through his first steps.  Oh and master the skill of getting him to sleep right through, we can do it Daddy. 

& lastly it’s time to get serious about my blog. I love writing and I love documenting my new life as a Mummy, but like my house, my blog doesn’t reflect my personality. So as our home transforms into something new and I discover a new me, it’s only natural that the diary of my life goes through a transformation also. So keep an eye out for the sparky new, Peonie & Me.

Until then, Happy New Year xxx

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