Why I love tights on Henry x

“Let’s get out of this ladies clothing and get into our tights”

Robin Hood, Men in Tights 

I remember the day as clearly as the the snow falling this morning.  Henry and I had just arrived at our weekly Sign and Sign class & whilst settling down amongst our pillows and saying hello to the other parents, in came William and his Mummy.  

Now when it came to style, William had it (thanks to his vintage loving Mum) but today he took it to a whole new level.  As covering this little guys legs were the most incredible printed leggings I had ever seen.  Boys leggings that is.  They were London themed with little red buses, bearskin wearing guards & little black cabs.  & accessorised with these fabulous ballet esq leggings was an oversized t-shirt.  Tres chic.

Henry loves them…honest x

I’ve always been a firm believer that babies should be comfy.  I tried Henry in skinny jeans once, lets just say it was the only time the Little Monkey kept still.  So my usual go to trousers come in supersoft jerseys or sweats, especially of the harem/drop crotch type.  But boys leggings? what a marvellous (new favourite word) idea? Thanks Kate…

Henry’s first pair of Shakespeare’s came from my favourite baby clothing store Next.  They were a pack of two baby blue printed styles, one in stripes and one with a giant star printed over the bum. They looked perfect with all his little stripe tees and knits but more importantly, they gave him a new lease of life.  Gone was his rolling around days and slowly he started to commando crawl around the place. 

It also eliminated our problem of losing socks when Henry felt the need to pull them off.  Therefore they kept his tootsies warm.  He also looked snug as a bug in his pram and carseat and best of all, he looked soo cute in them (stop rolling your eyes Daddy, there for boys).

So aiding my little tights obsession, I started to rummage the high street for other styles.  Unfortunately other than some Not on the High Street brands which were a little pricey for my budget, I struggled to find any.  Until I went to Zara.  There amongst the heart prints, baby pinks and winter whites was a pack of two I could proclaim, are boys.  Well in boyish colours.  This pack came in navy blue and beige with navy spots.  

Now I have to admit, the tights have been a little controversial, primarily with Daddy and my Mum (of all people).  Daddy luckily has finally given in and I bet secretly wants a pair himself.  But my Mum who has Henry twice a week, calls to say “I’m taking Henry to see so and so today” code for, make sure he’s wearing proper trousers.  Honestly and this woman was born in the 60’s…x 

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