Learning French with Flashsticks x

 “Je m’appelle Renee, J’habite Liverpool, en Angleterre”

Said my 11 year old self 

If I could live anywhere in the world (other than my Liverpool home, of course) it would be France.  From the first time I dipped my teenager toes in the Mediterranean of Marseilles to navigating my way around the shops of Paris in my early fashion days, to pre-Henry when I’d pretend to be Audrey Hepburn in Cannes, I’ve loved France.  I’m so obsessed with the country, I even dress Henry like a little french baby, all breton stripes and navy rompers.  

Despite all this back and forth across the pond, I can’t speak the francais.  My pigeon french is limited to ordering a pain au chocolat and café au lait, the rest is made up of pointing and rather embarrassingly just talking louder in english.  But as my second most favourite place in the world, I would so love to take on the language.  Even just to impress Henry when I take him there one day.

Le Moodboard – ok made that one up x

But (there’s always a but), I just don’t have time to learn a new language.  Between being a Mum, having a full time job and keeping up my blog, just finding time to read a magazine is a luxury.  Until recently.  Last month I was introduced to Flashsticks, a series of sticky post it notes with unique words printed on, that makes it easy to learn a new language. In this instance, French….

Off I went sticking my notes on everything around the house, including Henry “le garçon” and proclaiming “Je voudrais un verre de vin” 10 points if you guess what I wanted?  Yes wine to those not in the know. & I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed it.  OK I probably went too far, my husband is struggling to shave his beard for the amount of post its stuck to the mirror.  But you have to encourage education.

Oh and a note of caution, keep out of reach of babies, they just eat them.  

The other clever part of the post its is the way the clever people at Flashsticks tackled the problem of the feminine and masculine nouns (I know, glaze over, but stay with me here).  The post its are coloured pink or blue to help you work around the gender.  Easy peasy.

But alas my husband brought me back down to earth when he said I sounded like a scouser trying to be french.  I took that to heart.  So my next step was working on my pronunciation.  The post help with this, but I needed a little more help.  So I did what everyone person in the know does nowadays, I downloaded the Flashsticks App.

By scanning each note, you are given the correct pronunciation by a native speaking professional, i.e. a french man.  You can also scan objects you are unsure of and with over 10’000 words, can help build your language skills.  Easy peasy.  Then if you have additional time, you can progress from Beginner to intermediate and then book that city break when you hit advanced.

I’ve been using the post its for 2 weeks now and I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed picking up my School french.  I’ve also enjoyed counting with Henry which I think is a great way to introduce a new language to your children.  & at a snip at £4.99 for a beginners starter pack, you don’t feel like you are breaking the bank when you have so many baby things to buy.  Now I just need to convince the husband to book us a petites vacances.

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