Saying “I love you” with Baker Days x

“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, 

a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories”.

Buddy Valastro (some famous chief)

I love cake.  Cake is one of those beautiful things that creates so many lovely memories whilst satisfying my rather sweet tooth.  Favourite memories include coffee & cake mornings with my yummy mummy friends during mat leave, snuggling up with my husband on the sofa whilst fighting over the biggest piece and you can’t beat reminiscing over fruit cake following a friend or family wedding.    

So when the lovely people at Baker Days asked me to try one of their personalised letterbox cakes for Valentine’s Day, I died and went to buttercream heaven.  It also offered the perfect opportunity for the husband and I to find some ‘us’ time amongst the crazy hectic life of Little Monkey. 

Have your cake and eat it x 

Firstly I was asked to select a design from one of the extensive library of cakes on Baker Days easy to navigate website.  Initially I was torn between a super pretty floral photo cake and a simple XOXO novelty style…but then I fell in love with this vintage birdcage design.  I love little vintage afternoon details, especially as they played a part in my wedding day and baby shower.  Ooo love a bit of nostalgia…

Once I selected the design and personalised the cake with my message of love (what’s not to love about Peonie & Me?) I then sent over my order and then completely and utterly forgot about it…  

So I was over the moon when my little letterbox cake arrived by my lovely postman, all wrapped up “just for me” in a beautiful 5″ tin.  On opening the box I was greeted with the most deliciously buttery smelling cake, ahhh divine.  But I was so impressed with my little design and shameless blog plug of a message.  At 5inches, it would easily do 3-5 portions, depending upon how good or bad you wanted to be.

I received my cake on a weekday, but as with everything baby related, we just didn’t have time to tuck in.  I wanted to make it a special occasion, well it was for Valentine’s after all.  The perfect time presented itself this Sunday, when Henry was having his afternoon nap.  Romance of late has involved a quick kiss and a ‘good luck’ before passing out to sleep before the inevitable night feeds.  So our little postcard cake came at the right time.  Oh did I mention it will stay fresh for 14 days? (cue a little smug cake emoji).

After taking a billion pictures, we finally settled down with our cups of tea (ok mugs, the tea cup didn’t make the cut in the end) and slices of vanilla sponge cake.  It was truly scrumptious.  Little finger size slices of light as a feather sponge and homemade buttercream icing. Over these little english fancies, the husband and I actually had time to snuggle up and enjoy each others company.  It was just what we needed.

I’m hooked.  Such a perfect gift for a loved one for Valentines, especially as an extra special something along with a card. Baker Days also do a billion other designs, I’ve already hinted for mothers day, my birthday and “I’ve had a rubbish week” day”.  

Head over to to have a nosey, alongside their Letterbox cakes they also do larger sizes and a yummy selection of other cake flavours, including gluten and diary free options.  

Cakes by post…its the future (sorry stole that line Baker Days) x 

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