My 1st Mother’s Day x

“Mother: The most beautiful word on the lips on Mankind”

Kahlil Gibson

Last Sunday I celebrated my very 1st Mother’s Day and it was so amazing special and hilariously ‘real life’ I just had to share it with you.  

There are two sides of my memorable day, the romanticised idea of what we hope Mother’s Day will be and the reality of motherhood.  So grab a brew & come along on my special day…

Mummy Moodboard x


Rude awakening.  Yes you read correctly, this was my (dare I say it) alarm wake up time.  Alarm I hear you cry, what happened to the holy grail of lie ins? Well my dear husband the evening before informed me we were to be out for 9am the next day and my hair was in desperate need of a wash.  

So whilst Henry and Daddy enjoyed their sleep in, I frantically blow dried my hair ready for our early morning start.  Yes you guessed it, we didn’t actually get out of the house until 10 and the weather was crazy, so I ended up with dodgy hair anyway.

Sometime between 8am & 9am

Tiny tears.  After tackling the barnet I headed into our bedroom for morning snuggles and Henry presented me with my Mother’s Day card.  On opening the card I welled up and started to cry.  It was personalised with all gorgeous pictures of Henry and I.  It was just so beautiful and it showed how far I had come as a Mum.  

We then headed into the kitchen for breakfast and the table was dressed with beautiful roses and I felt like a Mummy princess.  Breakfast was a treat of smoked salmon, bagel and scrambled egg and it was delicious. 


Inappropriately dressed.  Finally all dressed up and ready to go my husband then informed me our first trip was to the park, so I had to re-dress for our casual trip (Men). 

Our first outing was to one of my favourite parks, Calderstone’s in South Liverpool.  Its such a family orientated park and I love that people greet each other good morning.  The park smelled so much like spring and when the sun was out, you could feel it sun kiss your face.  

Now Henry hates his pram (see top pic) so he didn’t enjoy our lovely family walk and he especially didn’t enjoy us stopping up for a latte to watch the world go by with.  He refused eye contact until he found a new lease of life and started to arch his way out the pram.  

Feeling sorry for the little guy we headed over to the children’s park area ready to unleash him onto the swings and slide.  Lets just say, he hated everything.  He hated the swings, he hated the slide, he hated the roundabout and oh yes the seesaw didn’t get a welcome either.  Henry emitted a scream so strange birds flew away and we got the classic ‘judgement’ face from the other parents.  

The reality x


Somebody’s tired.  After our ‘don’t judge us’ park walk, we rushed home as my surprise lunch was booked for 12pm.  I had exactly 10 minutes to change, fix the barnet and grab everything we needed to keep Henry entertained during lunch.  Henry was massively overtired and all the pram, car seat, pram changing disturbed his nap.  So off we went with an overtired baby…oh the joys…

We headed to my favourite restaurant Liberty Tavern for a special lunch and despite Little Moo being a little grumpy, I loved our special family time.

The Tavern was beautifully decorated with such pretty flowers and had its usual lovely vibe about the place.  Popped into his high chair Henry was a little dream, nosing about the restaurant and clapping his little hands.  

Lunch was a treat of delicious king prawns with Liberty Cocktail sauce, followed by a Thanksgiving plate which is the American take on our classic Sunday roast.  It was truly scrumptious and Little Moo enjoyed trying out the different tastes.  Oh nearly forgot, the dessert selection was epic, but I went with good old classic Sticky Toffee pudding as my meal as a whole felt very nostalgic.

Now what family meal wouldn’t be complete without a hug from my baby boy (plus great photo opportunity).  He is the reason I get to celebrate motherhood and celebrate the most incredible year of our lives.  So popping the little guy out of his chair I picked him up to smoother him with cuddles.  Now Henry has been pretty ill the last few weeks, picking up viral infections like M&M’s, so his tummy hasn’t been right.

So whilst my husband took the below picture, Henry proceeded to poo all over me soaking through his clothes and onto my dress.  Hey, what can I say, Henry was keeping it real….

How did you celebrate your mother’s day? x 

Blooming marvellous x 

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