Safety first with Lindham Security Gates x

‘Keeping curious crawlers safe”.

This week I realised that when it comes to baby proofing your house, a wash basket and suitcase wedged at the top of your stairs is not going to cut it.  This is one of the areas of baby life you have to get serious about and thankfully thanks to the super lovely people at Lindam, I did just that. 

Henry, I’ve found is a little cannon of energy that needs letting loose in order to burn him out for bedtime (& the hour before sunrise).  Therefore by letting him loose upstairs between bedrooms, he can explore and crawl about to his heart content.  But in order to relax while he drives me demented trashing the place, I needed to baby proof the house (safely).  The first port of call…adding a safety gate…

Since becoming a Mum, I’ve become a bit of a Google nut.  My impulse purchasing days are sadly over (well except for clothing), everything baby related has to be considered, researched and netmum’d before I add to basket.  & my Little Monkey’s safety is no exception.

So when looking for a new gate, the no1 brand that kept popping up was the award winning Lindam.  When I contacted them about collaborating on a blog post, they kindly sent me the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Safety Gate for Henry.  I was so excited I think I popped.

The gate arrived with super easy to follow instructions and only took my husband 10 minutes to build.  Which trust me after some of the baby equipment he has had to built, it felt like seconds and no drilling (he asked me to add that).  However we did have a moment when we exclaimed, it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit!!! as the gate closure didn’t meet the wall.  However this is perfectly normal.  They eventually meet once you start to tighten the pressure fitters.  This dear reader will make no sense to you right now, but fast forward to when you fit your own gate, you will remember this little bit of advice.  

After oooing and aaaing about how ‘homely’ and ‘family like’ it made our house look, we did what every parent does…Practiced crossing the gate with Henry in one arm.   Ten points for Mummy for working out first time the pressing and lifting mechanism (technical jargon, honest) and nil point for Daddy for faffing around for far too long.  I fully recommend a little practice run, it feels difficult at first, but once you get it, its super easy.  Oh and don’t forget to add a kiss as you pass through the gate, one for Mummy, one for Daddy and 10 for Henry. 

Two weeks on I can’t praise the gate enough.  Not only has it given me peace of mind for Henry’s safety, it has also given me a little freedom.  I can place Henry upstairs to crawl about whilst I oversee him and do household chores.  When he speeds off at a crazy pace between rooms, I know there is no danger of him falling down the stairs.  Cue wide eyed emoji….

Since having Henry I’ve also been suffering with pain in my wrists, predominately due to me sleeping in a funny position when he ends up in our bed.  Despite the pain, I still find it easy to lift and close the gate whilst in my arms.  Honestly its such the small things.

& lastly it looks great.  The simple design is understated and I feel like its slotted in perfectly.  Henry has now started to climb the staircase therefore I’ve purchased a second gate from Lindam, at a snip at £25 and a lifetime guarantee (I know I sound like an advert, but its the truth) it seemed silly not too.   

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