Happy 1st Birthday Little Monkey x

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Henry,

Happy Birthday to you….x 

All together now…. x 

Last week my Little Monkey hit his first milestone birthday and turned the big 01.  Gone is my  button nosed swaddled baby and in his place is my beaming little boy, full of beans and starting to find his teeny feet in this world.

If I want to remember one think about his 1st birthday, it has to be his toothy grin and abundance of energy throughout the day.  Celebrating his special day with family and friends, Henry was full of smiles and showed so much love and affection for everyone around him.  He was such a pleasure to watch.

Here is a little insight into our incredible day and some of the amazing gifts Henry received from Family and Friends, thank you x 

Wakey wakey rise & shine…

Still enjoying the luxuries Mummy & Daddy’s bed has to offer, Henry woke us up full of his usual bouncing energy, whilst kicking us both in the head.  Thankfully the sun had started to come up, so the 6am start wasn’t too scary.  Thank goodness for the clocks going forward (said no one ever).

From Nana & Granpa….

After breakfast and about 100 exclamations of “We have a one year old!!!” we settled down onto the sofa for cards and presents.  Henry was such a cutie with his cards, he opened each one and gave a little speech as if he was reading his messages aloud.  He was having so much fun, my husband and I grew bored and as we just wanted to get stuck into his gifts…

Not just for kids…

For Henry’s main gift we got him tickets to In the Night Garden Live as he is a huge Iggle Piggle fan and we thought it would be a perfect gift for this summer.  Henry has also found his feet the past week, so we thought a baby walker would be perfect for perfecting his moves.  I’m currently obsessed with wooden toys, so I was delighted when I found this Janod ABC Wooden Walker from Spotty Giraffe.  It was an instant hit, literally, Henry chucked one of the blocks from the walker at my head…ouch.  We had a lovely morning (5 minutes at least) playing with his gifts before stress hit in and we started to prep for the day. 

“Big Balloon, Big Balloon, Higher than the sky and moon….”

Daddy was sent off to collect the balloons and I crazily tidied the house and tried to get Henry down for his nap.  We had this great (stupid) idea the day before to paint the kitchen.  So I also had the decorating tools to clear away and masses of masking tape to pull up.  Thankfully the kitchen looks super light after we updated the red/green/salmon walls from the previous occupiers.  

There’s and Elephant in the room…

After his morning nap, we were all thankfully dressed and ready and Henry looked gorgeous in his Next Linen Dungaree’s set.  For his birthday lunch we went to The Elephant Bakehouse and Pub in the heart of Woolton Village.  One of our favourite family friendly restaurants and they had the added bonus of a petting Zoo that day to celebrate Easter.  

The venue put together a long table for us and it was decorated with mini pots of daffodils.  It was perfect for my easter theme, so I just added in my little bunnies, chocolate filled eggs for the guests and birthday cake full of easter treats.  The cake was a simple chocolate nest cake from Asda and I decorated it with more mini eggs from M&S. 

Meet Ninnie, Nana and Nanny…

The guests were a perfect mixture of Nana’s & Grandads, Nanny’s and Ninnies, Godparents and aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.  Henry little face was a little pleasure, lighting up each time new friends arrived.  He couldn’t believe how all the people he sees each week, were all in one place.  He sat proudly at the top of the table with his balloons and I have to say, he was a dream all day.  

For lunch we had a mixture of Elephant signature burgers, freshly baked pizzas, fish and chips and steak sandwiches.  Henry had the kids prawn and chorizo risotto and demolished it.  Posh tastes my little boy.  The food as ever was delicious and we were really looked after by the staff.  

Henry’s godmother Gemma and my Mum made Henry a bobble topped hat that I had seen on Easy.  I was over the moon they had stayed up the best of the night to create it.  It lasted around 10 seconds whilst we sang Happy Birthday, before he pulled it off.  But we managed to catch a quick picture. 

Old McDonald had a farm…

After the food we all headed down into the beer garden to meet the animals from the Petting Zoo.  I was adamant Henry wasn’t going to like the animals and scream his little head off.  But I was so wrong.  He loves stroking the goats, nosing at the chickens and loved the dwarf rabbit.  The rain thankfully went away for long enough for us to appreciate the little zoo.

Champagne for everybody…

When the rain started again, everyone came back to our freshly painted and rather fumed filled kitchen for champagne.  Henry and his little friend Kasper enjoyed playing with his presents while we sat around saying “can you believe he’s one already?”.

Once everyone had left for the day and Henry was tucked up in bed, Ben and I snuggled up exhausted after a long day.  It felt like such a celebration for us too for coming a long way.  Henry is the best thing to have come into our lives and I look forward to the next chapters x 

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