Ladybird Heritage – clothing review x

“When you see a Ladybird make your wish known to her, and when you see her fly away, 

you know she is off to grant your wish”

Ladybird Symbolism & Meaning 

I love traditional toys.  Rocking horses, story books, abacus frames, wooden blocks, wooden walkers, wooden trains, basically anything wooden.  There is something lovely and nostalgic about a toy that could be from any era, almost like a little heritage piece.  What’s not to love about that?

So I was over the wooden moon (I know, awful joke) when Ladybird at Very launched a super cute heritage range for spring summer.  Originally launched in the 1930’s and widely associated with Woolworths, its incredible to see the brand still going strong today.

Henry today is wearing their Baby Boys Ticking Stripe Dungaree and T-Shirt Set, which at £14 for a 2 piece is a amazing value (in other words I can tell Daddy the real price).  Cue wide eyed emoji…

This took 2 tantrums and a cup of coffee to capture x 

The little red jersey tee is a gorgeous bold red and the dungarees feel super soft against his skin.  The little pockets are perfect for storing his raisins and the little car motif on the front is just too cute.  The button front is adjustable as he grows and I just rolled up the hem on the shorts (because they just look soooooooooooooooooooo…. yes you guessed it… CUTE). 

The heritage collection is full of washed out linen stripes, little vintage car motifs, bold primary reds (Go Liverpool, that’s for you Dad) and my favourite, good old classic navy.  Key pieces include polo shirts, stripe jersey shorts and weather proof (hey it maybe summer inside, but its freezing out) little hooded tops.  

Henry bless his little chunky thighs hasn’t really got the legs for jeans, so I’m always on the lookout for comfy alternatives.  The Boys Pique Rompers are perfect for letting my little man loose on terrorising the house and chucking those wooden toys at me… (Ouch) but they look great…

Other key pieces in the collection include:
Birdseye Heritage Polo Shirts
Heritage 2 Pack Jersey Shorts
Boys Pique Rompers – my favourite
Heritage Stripe Hoody

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