Family day out at Badminton Horse Trials x

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Daddy, Happy Birthday to you….

All together now…

If you read my blog or follow my Twitter feed, you will know that I’m rather obsessed with stripes. Blue & white preferably (in case you wondered) however this weekend I became rather obsessed with checks. Rather posh tweed checks actually…

As this weekend to celebrate my husbands birthday (welcome to you’re mid 30s Ben), we were treated to a day at the Badminton Horse Trials. Thanks Vicky (rather fabulous Mum-in-law) x 

The Horse Trials take place each year at the rather grand Badminton House, home to the Duke of Beaufort and a stones throw from my lovely in-laws.  They’re neighbours don’t you know (yes I’m putting on a rather posh voice while I type this, I’ve no idea why).

We were attending the Cross Country event on the Saturday and thankfully the gorgeous summer weather came along for the birthday celebrations too.  If like me, you are not in with the horse in-crowd, the trials are a 3 day equestrian event.  This is an opportunity for horses and riders to complete the competition over 3 days, each day consisting of a different discipline or phase.

The previous day was dressage and the final day was show-jumping, however we were lucky to attend the 2nd day which was a 4 mile cross country run with jumping throughout.  The jumps were spread out across the manor, which allowed you to walk around the track and take it all in.  Oh and catch a few rays and an ice-cream or two.

Alongside the event there was an abundance of shops, not just for horse lovers, but also a lovely mix of arts, crafts and shabby chic boutiques.  I was tempted to pick up a little check tweed blazer, hugely appreciated amongst the horsey set, however up north it would look a little Daniella Westbrook.  Instead the husband and I picked up a bottle of Blackberry brandy and tasted one too many sloe gins. Well we were technically on our holiday and birthday boys shouldn’t drink alone.

I had no idea what to expect (I’m not a fan of horses since I watched one pin a protestor to a wall, true story), however I absolutely loved it.  However shouting, “feel the rhythm, feel the vibe” and “you can do it” wasn’t really the in thing when riders found themselves dismounted.  But I had fun anyway.

But the best part of the day was catching up with Ben’s family.  Henry got to play with his little cousin Dylan and I got lots of cuddles from the little guy.  Over a picnic of pink champagne, jerk pheasant (see posh), home made pasties (not so posh) and chocolate frappes, we all got the chance to relax and take the day in.

My advice if you do go, get there early, camp at the lake and take a picnic.  Then use that as your base for the day.  Oh and don’t forget your checks, however I must say (there goes the posh voice again), my stripes were just as fabulous. x 

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