My K by Myleene Klass x

“Individual pieces for little people with big dreams”

Myleene Klass; Mothercare

I love shopping for Henry.  I love discovering new clothing brands on Instagram, or stumbling upon a new collection launch in store, or simply just finding that key piece that brings to life Little Monkeys whole wardrobe.  Also as his little personality is starting to develop, its also important that his clothing remain you and fun, in order to allow him to shine through.

One such collection that embodies this is the newly launched My K by Myleene Klass, a rebranding of the previously successful Baby K range at Mothercare.   Through the bold use of monochrome as the primary colour palette, the collection boasts pieces that are fun, vibrant and effortlessly stylish.  Everything from slogan tees, to printed harem joggers and super soft sweats, can be individually  mixed and matched to dress any toddler for an adventure.  

I was lucky to have been sent some key pieces from the My K collection for Henry to try out.  On opening the parcel it wasn’t the bold designs that first struck me, but how beautifully soft the fabrications were.  Each little tee or trouser felt super soft to the touch which you usually don’t get until they’ve gone through a spin cycle with Fairy.   

The first piece I pulled out was the unisex stripe romper with front pocket and little ties to the shoulders.  I’m obsessed with Henry wearing rompers as I feel he can truly be comfortable and still hold onto his toddler self.  I teamed his all in one with a little stripe tee and he looked adorable.  Both super soft against his eczema prone skin, which in my book is a blessing.  

Packed off to Nana’s for a day of adventure, I know he would look super smart for my Mum’s friends (she loves to show him off), but also comfy exploring her house and finding new adventures.  The look was a winner.

Henrys next outfit came in the shape of a logo tee, proudly announcing ‘Super Human’ which I love.  Just proving that you don’t need a cape to be a super hero.  Again I was struck by the attention to detail in something as basic as a t-shirt.  Grey marl sleeves, sporty stripe detailing and embossed lettering.  

I teamed this with black harem style joggers with little white geek glasses printed throughout.  In this look my little baby suddenly evolved into the little toddler he was growing into.  Timed perfectly with him gaining his Bambi legs and graduating into his new shoes, this look suited him to perfection. 

Since the collection I have mixed and match the range for different outings.  Whether its been his usual days at nursery or Nana’s, days out at the park or the Big Fish Little Fish Rave, the outfits have enjoyed many little adventures.  They have in turn washed beautifully and still look as new as the day I opened the parcel with excitement.  

Myleene has managed to create an exciting free spirited collection that finally gives our Little Monkey’s something exciting to shout about. x 

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