Christmas Crafts – Decorating Gingerbread Men x

Disclaimer: Most of the Gingerbread Men were eaten during the course of this post…

Pre-baby I loved the term yummy mummy.  To me it signified a woman who had her parenting shit together.  You know, the type of woman who creates perfect home cooked meals, hosts arts and crafts mornings with other rather yummy mummy’s and always looks rather swishy in her stripe top and chinos.  

Once Henry was born I quickly fell into the Scummy Mummy category, home cooked meals are prepared by Ella’s Kitchen, looking swishy involves a can of dry shampoo, whilst arts and crafts is an ambiguous term open to interpretation.  

So when I got the bright idea to bake Gingerbread cookies with Henry, the Scummy Mummy in me asked, if you don’t even have time to blow dry your unruly hair, when the hell are you going to find the time to bake biscuits?  She had a point.  So I just replaced ‘bake’ with decorate and did a little shimmy for me genius idea.

So this weekend during my Tesco weekly shop (by ‘weekly’ I mean Saturday to Monday – where does all the food go..) I swerved my trolly into the bakery aisle and to my delight everything I needed for my crafty afternoon was presented all wrapped up in a Christmas bow.  Well red boxes.  So if like me you fall into the scummy category (best club in the world) this is all you need…

Scummy Mummy Shopping List

Tesco Mini Gingerbread Men

Tesco Christmas Sprinkles

Tesco Bright Writing Icing 

Tesco Rudolph Pom Pom loving Christmas Jumper – makes everything taste better 

So armed with enough sugar to blow your toddlers brain and lets be honest, yours, we headed home feeling rather smug.  We got this Henry (high five).  

Now there is no real method to follow here.  I’m no expert, but I do have 20 months of “I’ll never make that mistake again” experience.  For example Henry has the attention span of Goldie the Goldfish, therefore I had Peppa Pig on stand by once Henry started climbing the walls during his sugar rush.  She kept his butt in the seat while I perfected my craft.

The icing tubes are super easy to use.  Just pop off the lids and squeeze your designs onto the biscuits.  Your little ones may need help on this, especially when squeezing the tubes.  If you do want to create elf outfits or fancy motifs, I recommend you buy bigger gingerbreads, so you can add more detail.  For the sprinkles, when it came to Henry, I added them onto a plate for him.  He found it easier to dip his iced biscuits into the sprinkles.  Plus you are borderline crazy if you let a toddler lose with a tub of hundreds and thousands.

I found with Henry he was just happy squeezing icing onto the table and biting the heads off the little men.  For me I found that covering the biscuits in icing and chucking lots of sprinkles on worked for me.

But ultimately Henry enjoyed hanging out with his Mummy and I welcomed the break from the usual Saturday chores.  I love how much my little man is embracing his toddler years and how much his little character is developing.  He is incredibly funny and I found myself just chuckling at his facial expressions whilst trying to squeeze the icing from the tubes.

But I have to say, one of the best parts of the day was when Henry napped and I enjoyed dunking my Gingerbread men into my cup of tea.  Now that is rather yummy in my book x 

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