How to achieve effortless style with Rochelle Humes’s Maternity Collection x

You’re pregnant!’ It’s such great news! But in grammar as in life, 

the word “pregnant” is an adjective. It describes you, it doesn’t define you.”

How to be Parisian, wherever you are; 

Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Anne Berest

During my journey to understand the true essence of Mummy style, and with me becoming pregnant for the 2nd time, I felt my journey needed to start with pregnancy.  As my bump continues to grow, my own personal style and personality begin to fade, as I struggle to embrace my growing bump and subsequent curves.  

What I do believe however is that a perfectly edited wardrobe can build self confidence throughout your pregnancy when everything else feels incredibly overwhelming.  This confidence is the key to remembering who you are without succumbing to frumpy old Mum-to-be.  

Thankfully musician and actress Rochelle Humes has recently released her Maternity Collection for Very that encompasses what I believe to be a great basis for pregnancy style.  Maternity pieces thankfully are not forever pieces (unless you want a big family), however this range of designs still feels classic and timeless.

So what should we invest in?  What are these key wardrobe builders and how do I look as incredible as Mrs Humes during my pregnancy? Below are my top 3 picks from her collection for helping you to feel the best version of yourself and hopefully myself….

1. The Duster Coat

During your pregnancy have a signature item.  It’s the vital detail that brings your outfit together, from head, to bump, to toes (if you can see them). This is your throw on piece the days you are blooming or the days when you need to feel strong.  It should drape perfectly around your shoulders and make every gesture feel effortless and graceful, even when you are waddling along.  

2. The Maternity Jean

Make them look easy.  Every jean you wear should feel effortless yet comfortable.  The under bump (or over bump style), depending upon your preference will become like an old friend.  Its the style you turn to day after day to uplift not only your bump, but your spirits as you do battle with your ever changing body.  Therefore invest time and money in finding your perfect shape, just like your do with your friendships. 

3. The simple tee
Take advantage of your newfound cleavage and embrace the v-neck tee.  Experiment with your décolleté , you are sexy, even when you don’t feel sexy.  The t-shirt is also so incredibly simple and easy, it’s a blank canvas that allows you to create any outfit around.  Its also an inexpensive way of dressing your bump and allows you to guiltily spend on accessories that will see you beyond your pregnancy.

The iconic yummy mummy dungarees 
You can’t do maternity style without trying out the ultimate in bump to baby wear… the iconic 1990’s denim dungarees.  However the fit of the 90s needs to be left in that era, as newer shapes go from super slim to the boyfriend cut.  Like any good pair of jeans, the dungarees need to fit you like a glove and should enhance your bump, rather than drown your curves.  However if you get it right, its pure yummy mummy magic x 

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