As a Mum its OK to….

This week I’ve been obsessively reading parenting groups online, primarily via Facebook, because I’ve been procrastinating when I should have been writing.  Anyway, what has struck me about the recent Mummy ramblings is the rather judgemental comments some of these ladies get back.  

Its really hard to sometimes express how you feel about life with kids, so when someone feels brave enough to share it amongst others, shouldn’t we keep our thoughts  to ourselves?  Its the old expression of, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ that springs to mind whilst seeing this poor women ripped apart by ‘no it alls’. 

So I thought I would list the things that since I’ve become a Mummy to Henry, I think its ok to think and dear god, utter out loud…

Hey its ok…

… To hand over your iPhone with YouTube loaded at 6am in the morning so you can snooze in bed a little bit longer. Its educational right!

— To bribe your little ones with chocolate to get  them into the car, it contains dairy, so technically just a little milk top up.

… To pray for bedtime at 5pm straight after nursery pick up.  Kids are exhausting. 

… To give your kids fish fingers again because hey, you know they are going to eat it.

… To put Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig on repeat whilst you frantically make sense of the housework or just to simply have a wee.

… To treat yourself to online shopping at 2.45am, hey it’s not your fault you are up so early…

… To skip your little one’s shower or bath tonight to avoid the fight of getting them in.  A super soaked flannel works just as well… sometimes warm because they have been marginally good tonight. 

… To pick the shortest bedtime story in the cabinet so get your little ones to sleep ASAP.  

… To Fabreze your leggings twice in a run, because they are you ‘Good’ leggings. 

… To use up another can of dry shampoo in a week, we all deserve to have white hair by Friday.  Because we are worth it…

… To book the grandparents to babysit and then stay home, eat takeaway and get to bed at 7pm.

… To daydream about childfree holidays or better still, to actually book one.

Its all ok because at the end of the day, you love those little ones more than life itself x 

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