Capturing your pregnancy bump x

“Knowing yourself is knowing the distance between your dream self and your real self”

Garance Dore 

It’s 9am in the morning and I’ve just dropped Henry off at nursery.  Whilst tidying away the morning chaos that comes with having a 2 year old, I’m attempting to add false lashes and enough concealer to give the impression I’m fresh faced.

Hanging up on my bedroom door is a beautiful mix of super soft knits in pale greys and dusky pinks and intricate lace dresses that look out of place amongst my usual pregnancy pieces.  

My hair as usual doesn’t want to respond, however I do manage my usual Heidi plaits which at least gives me a ‘together look’.  & I’m finally ready…

The reason for today’s mini make-over (hey, anything other than leggings in my book is considered a transformation) is a pregnancy photoshoot.  Thanks to my lovely friend Anna, who tagged me in a model call via Instagram, I was over the moon to be selected for a maternity shoot by the photographer Katie Fallon.

On planning my wardrobe for my morning off from Mummy duties, I took a long look in the mirror and forced myself to highlight my good bits.  Collar bone good, legs still having some element of shape (if I ignore my swelling ankles)  and lastly my piece de resistance, my bump that was housing my beautiful son.  Embracing my new lumps and bumps has been hard this pregnancy, however not impossible.  Plus I had my personal styling tip to hand that never fails me… my sense of humour of course…

“Knowing what you want to say makes clothes your best friends”

Garance Dore

Pushing my nerves aside I promised myself that whatever the outcome of the pictures, they were an amazing opportunity to capture my pregnancy.  & lets be honest, I would one day look back and think myself once beautiful and knock myself for not having more fun with my pregnancy style.

I needn’t have worried about my nerves as on meeting Katie, it was like welcoming an old friend into my house.  Smiling and instantly likeable, Katie makes you feel at ease and comfortable in front of the lens.  A Mum of two herself, we had so much in common that kept us chatting away throughout the session.  Plus her passion for her work was infectious and instantly made me want to throw myself back into being creative.  

My first look consisted of an oversized dusky pink knit from Reiss that felt super soft against my skin.  The V front offers enough skin to stop me looking frumpy and the tone of pink gave me a fake pregnancy glow.  Worn over my trusty maternity leggings, I felt comfortable in my look, when my body was going through its own aches and pains.  

Our house is currently in the midst of being decorated, so most of the walls are bright white with 50 shades of grey in the shape of furnishings and bed linen.  So they became the perfect back drop for my knitwear.  

Katie’s style of photography is to capture you, being you.  Whilst chatting away, about all things motherhood, she clicked away at her camera to the point that sometimes you forget she was photographing you.  However I have to admit I found comfort in looking down and hugging my bump when I was lost for a look.  New signature pose…

Continuing with my knitwear theme, my next piece was an off the shoulder dove grey knit from Monsoon.  I have found that I had no control over my growing bust, upper arms or bump, however my décolletage and shoulders had remained the same.  So this knit allowed me to show a little skin, again ensuring I didn’t look frumpy in my layers.  I also loved these grey and white shorts from Next which showed off my legs, which I thankfully still kind of like.

My last look was a little risqué for me and put me completely out of my comfort zone.  It was a sheer lace dress from Silk Fred, the perfect style for showcasing my baby bump, but also all my other flaws.  Thank goodness for good lingerie as I had recently treated myself to some new pieces from Fig Leaves (bra & pants).  They fitted to perfection and helped me feel more confident showing so much skin.

Katie thankfully gave me confidence to give it a go and I have to say, it was my favourite look of the day.  I felt like a princess rather than the whale I had envisioned in my mind.  The placement of the floral lace was delicate and feminine and the long sleeves gave me additional confidence.

Once our little photo session was complete, I waved goodbye to Katie, hoping to see her again soon.  Such is the impression she leaves on you.  There was a new spring in my step and on picking up Henry that afternoon from nursery, my giddy mood was infectious as Henry was full of beans.  

Later that day Katie sent me over the images and I couldn’t believe it was me.  Looking back from the page was a glowing and happy pregnant woman and looked relaxed and beautiful.  Something I have not felt throughout my pregnancy. They were pictures I could be proud off and hopefully something my son would be proud of when he is older (well maybe not the lace sheer one, haha).  

I want to take this moment to thank Katie Fallon for such a wonderful experience and lasting memories.  I also wanted to urge any pregnant woman to capture you own pregnancy style.  Whether it’s with a professional shoot, or just simply snapping away with your phone.  I have nothing like this from my pregnancy with Henry, which I will always regret.  9 months feels like forever, however in reality, its a mere snapshot in your life. x

For Katie Fallon’s Website – see here

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