An open letter to my 1st born Henry x

To Henry,

Mummy wants to say sorry.  This morning instead of our usual morning snuggles, I had to attend to Georgie with milk and cuddles.  You sat so patiently beside us, your little brother now taking up your usual place amongst the pillows.  For this, I am so sorry.  I hope you don’t feel any less loved because I love you more than words could describe.

I am so incredibly proud of how you have taken to your big brother role.  As always your beautiful affectionate nature has taken centre stage and you shower Georgie with so many kisses and cuddles.  Sometimes too much and I get very overwhelmed with you climbing my knee to give your sibling a kiss, but you wouldn’t be you without this.  

You are also so patient with my time, especially when I have had to walk away from our activity to sort Georgie, tidy the house or answer a message.  I will make it up to you sweetie and I hope you look fondly back at the early days with you brother as hectic.  Rather than neglected. 

Thanks to Nana, we now have our little Friday’s of fun, just you and Me.  These are mornings that are exclusive us time and I savor the moment each week.  I love how your face lights up when we go to trampolining and I roll and jump around the place with you.  Being silly is the best end to the crazy week and Mummy thanks you for keeping me young at heart. 

You are also developing into such a warm-hearted little boy and you have taken on life with such wonder and excitement.  Your words are coming on so much, however, it’s your over-excited babble that makes me laugh so much.  Plus your love of singing and daredevil antics.  Such antics include diving onto the bed, riding down hills in the nursery on rocking horses (yes Mummy watches from the window) and running so fast you sometimes fall. 

This is just a little letter to say that I love you and you are always in my thoughts and will always have a big place in my heart.  Daddy and I could not believe our luck when we had you and equally, we are honored to be parents to such a beautiful little boy.

Georgie is also lucky to have such an amazing big brother and already he loves smiling up at you (even when you are screaming dinosaur noises into his face, haha).  

Don’t ever change Henry xxx

Thank you Katie Fallon Photography for capturing my gorgeous baby boy x

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